Take Retailer-Supplier Collaboration to the
Next Level

NIQ’s Connected Collaboration provides retailers and suppliers with one version of the truth, delivered via a robust suite with integrated data sources to ensure actionable insights. Our powerful solution arms you with intelligence to quickly make business-critical decisions in a fast-changing retail environment.

Leading industry insights
Leading industry insights
6 transformative retail trends

6 transformative retail trends for 2023

Retailers and brands are facing several industry-wide issues as 2023 begins, any two of which could hamper growth and negatively impact operations.

26 January 2023

an aisle in a grocery store

How grocery inflation and economic forces are impacting retailers and brands

Grocery inflation and other economic forces are impacting the way grocery retailers and brands understand consumer behavior.

05 October 2022

How retailers can use data to anticipate and respond to pantry loading behaviors

Recent years have seen shortages of many essential products throughout the U.S. Here’s how retailers can use data to anticipate what might be in high demand and how they can properly respond.

22 August 2022


Enter a new era of collaboration

Over the past year, the retail industry has confronted market volatility, inflation, supply chain constraints, labor pressures, diminished consumer spending and an impending recession. To navigate these headwinds, retailers need solutions to focus on the customer experience, create efficiencies across the organization and drive future profitability.

Evolving consumer preferences require retailers to maintain a laser focus. Robust analytics, tools, real-time data, insights and close collaboration with suppliers are the keys to build loyalty and win at the shelf.

What we do
What we do

Data to Insights to Activation

Want to outpace your competition and meet your goals? Connected Collaboration enables retailers and suppliers to work together across: 

  • NIQ Market Insights
  • Customer Insights 
  • Supply Chain
  • Merchandising Analytics 
  • Personalized Offers and Retail Media 

By integrating retailer T-log and customer data with NIQ’s best-in-class core market measurement data – powered by advanced analytics, machine learning and AI – our comprehensive solution suite enables retailers and suppliers to quickly move from data, to insights, to activation.

All within a secure data sharing environment to help you:

  • Deliver a win-win-win for you, your suppliers, and customers
  • Achieve efficient, effective joint business planning
  • Grow your business through flexible revenue sharing models
What makes us different
What makes us different


Trusted partner

With100 years of delivering retail measurement, NielsenIQ ensures highest expertise and data integrity in delivering data intelligence and strategic advice to drive successful outcomes.


Advanced technology

Actionable, data-fueled analytics and insights powered by software that is underpinned by best-in-class models and latest technologies to propel performance across the enterprise.


Best-in-Class Collaboration

Access to comprehensive, unified and simple interface with customizable dashboards for improved performance monitoring by users across the enterprise and successful collaboration with suppliers.

Explore our retail solutions
Explore our retail solutions

Our comprehensive solutions, analytics and scalable platform unleash the power of data to help retail leaders better understand shoppers, merchandise, and markets to win at the shelf.

Are you optimizing your data assets?

As the retail industry undergoes digital transformation, do you have the right strategies to transform your data into a competitive advantage and win with your customers?

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