Personalized Marketing

Timely communications that are relevant to each individual customer: it is possible.


Turbo-charge your customer-centric strategy

Today’s shopper has high expectations. With our Personalized Marketing solution, we help you drive loyalty by transforming your marketing organization into a personalization leader. We help you consistently deliver relevant, targeted offers and personalized ad content through an always-on, insight-driven targeted marketing communications platform.

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Consistently personalize marketing campaigns

Analyze your customer and marketing data to design and deliver personalized and optimized offers across content, product categories and channels to individual customers.

We leverage advanced analytics and machine learning to deliver scalable, one-to-one personalized marketing communications to strengthen customer loyalty, engagement and increase sales.

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Key features
Key features


One customer at a time

Fully personalize all communications based on each shopper’s life stage, lifestyle, preferences and purchase behaviors. Be relevant – and earn long-term shopper loyalty.



Our recommendation engine delivers the best communication strategy for each individual shopper, whether you want to communicate with 1,000 customers or 10 million.


Campaign planning and evaluation

Our solution helps you carefully plan your campaigns against specific objectives and evaluate each one across a variety of metrics, drilling down to understand performance drivers and inform future plans.


Collaboration with suppliers

Satisfy individual shopper needs by working with your suppliers to get their brands in front of the right customers.



Increase customer marketing ROI. On average you can achieve 1–4% gross profit lift annually.


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