Connected collaboration

NielsenIQ enables best-in-class collaboration ​to power mutual supplier ​and retailer growth.​


Collaboration made simple

One connected suite integrates retailer’s transaction log and customer data with NielsenIQ’s best-in-class core measurement data and real time analytics, enabling retailers and suppliers to quickly make decisions in today’s dynamic marketplace. Optimize your mutual business by collaborating with suppliers across market insights, supply chain, merchandising analytics, customer insights, personalized offers and retail media.


The win-win-win benefits of connected collaboration


For Retailers

  • Gain sustainable trade investments
  • Align and drive business objectives with suppliers
  • Grow customer loyalty


For Brands

  • Access to key insights
  • Mutual, profitable growth
  • Improve ROI and measure results


For Customers

  • Personalized experiences
  • Relevant, valuable content
  • Timely engagement
Collaboration Modules
Collaboration Modules

Partner with your suppliers on business-critical decisions using advanced, modern tools

  • One connected suite
  • Unlimited partnership power
  • Exponential growth potential

Supply Chain

Optimize cost (shipping, stock, spoilage) and maximize revenue while effectively managing supplier relations.

Merchandising Analytics

Powerful data and actionable recommendations maximize profitability and eliminate wasteful trade spend.

Customer Insights

Analyze trends in your category to connect with customers and drive your business.

Personalized Offers & Retail Media

Personalize marketing content to strengthen customer loyalty, boost engagement, optimize ROAS, and increase sales.

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