Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Corporate Citizenship

At NIQ, we aim to be a role model by managing key environmental, social, and governance risks and opportunities across the value chain to positively impact communities and the environment and create sustainable growth.

People & Planet Program

We are continuously improving our culture of meaning and connection by inspiring employees to work together and to give back to our communities and environment through our People & Planet Program. There are four pillars of the program, including:

Food equity

Deliver pioneering insights through NIQ data to increase access to nutritious food and support humanitarian initiatives to promote food equity.

Climate justice

Be transparent with all stakeholders on the climate-related impacts of company activities and commit to mitigating material climate-related risks.


Support initiatives that ensure all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.

Economic empowerment

Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and decent work for all. Ensure women’s full and effective participation in the workforce.

People & Planet Day

Our annual People & Planet Day encourages employees to unite, connect, and give back to their local communities. In 2022, NIQ launched its first annual volunteer day, People & Planet Day, under the People & Planet program. On this day, more than 8,000 associates participated in 80+ countries, covering 413 volunteering activities, contributing over 33,000 hours. All volunteer activities were aligned to the 4 pillars under the program, and to the UN SDG’s. In 2023, Over 13,000 employees participated in various activities on this day. Overall, NIQ contributed over 75,000 hours, covering more than 500 activities, with nearly $67,000 in employee fundraising.


Total Number of Participants



NielsenIQ (NIQ) is an ambitious and dedicated company. We recognize and embrace our role to improve the life of every person, not only through our support of the suppliers of consumer goods and their retailers, but through our day-to-day actions amongst ourselves, our customers, our vendors and our communities.

All Awards and Recognition
All Awards and Recognition

2023 CDP Disclosure Award  

2022 CDP Disclosure Award  

2021 EcoVadis Bronze Award  

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