NIQ Insights Power the Beauty Industry 

NielsenIQ (NIQ) provides unique insights and robust analytics to meet the beauty and personal care needs of manufacturers, retailers, and beyond, enabling companies of all sizes to make strategic decisions to drive their business forward. Our beauty insights are as broad in scope as they are deep and we’re committed to providing the Full View of the beauty consumer.

Emerging and Growth NielsenIQ Beauty and Personal Care Hub

Growing across channels and optimizing sales in-store and online rely heavily on your ability to access and act on data. Byzzer powered by NielsenIQ lets emerging and growth beauty brands track customer behavior, uncover sales trends, and plan future opportunities at a price that fits their budget. 

Now available: Premium insights through Beauty Inner Circle

Gain access to in-depth reports offering a deeper look into and advanced analysis on the latest innovations in the industry, providing you with unique insights into current trends and how they may impact your business.

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Latest content

Meet the team

Jacqueline Flam

SVP, Beauty, Drug, & OTC Retail

“In today’s fast-changing world of beauty, having a sharp understanding of the consumer is essential.”

Anna Mayo

VP, Beauty Vertical

“Beauty is such a dynamic industry, driven by incredibly passionate and talented people and I feel lucky to explore this world and help make sense of the trends that are driving the industry to keep evolving.”

Liz Bonofiglio Reaney

Director, Beauty Account Development

“After 20 years in the industry, I’m still excited by beauty every day! It’s finding a new product that will make me look and feel my best, following a new trend that will change my daily routine, exploring the shelves for my perfect new scent, and sharing all my beauty know-how with friends and family.”

Therese-Ann D’Ambrosia

VP, Beauty Account Development

“Over the years, my impressions of beauty have changed, I now believe that beauty is more about how you feel and act versus how you look. Confidence, kindness, and conduct make you as beautiful as the perfect lipstick or serum can.”

John Busardo

SVP, Beauty & OTC Vertical Lead

“Beauty is as simple as someone being themselves. As a father of teenage daughter, it is important to instill the values of confidence and to always be the best person that you can be and it’s exciting to have beauty as a connection point with her.”

Andrew Yeager

Client Director, North America Retail

“Fashion fades, only style remains.” – Coco Chanel

Tara James Taylor

SVP, Global Beauty Personal Care Vertical

“Beauty is a way to show up as your best self, to self-express, have fun, and holistically care for yourself inside and out. As a mother of a daughter who is passionate about clean beauty, I’m proud that my company can help her navigate the shelves so she knows what products fit what she cares most about.”

Claire Marty

VP, Beauty Global Client Development

“Beauty is about being myself and expressing my best self so that I feel confident and empowered. I find it exciting to work in a category where so much happens on many fronts: innovation, corporate responsibility, social network, and beyond.”

How NIQ can help you

True Omni Beauty Consumer Behavior

Understand evolving consumer habits to develop data-backed plans and tailor-made strategies unique to your customers wherever they shop.

Innovate to Meet the Ever-changing Consumer Demand

With innovation, renovation, strategy, and go-to-market optimization, NIQ BASES is your partner for success.

Bar Graph Increase

Revenue Management Optimization

Ensure the right pricing and promotion strategy with more granular data and more accurate recommendations.

Uncover Blind Spots and Stay Ahead of Emerging Trends 

NIQ measurement is the global industry standard for quality data on product movement, market share, distribution, price and other market-sensitive information in 90+ countries.

Win the Digital Shelf

Improve sales performance and retailer collaboration through predictive analytics from cutting-edge profitability, assortment, and supply chain AI solutions​.

The Power of Product Attribution

Measure the market through the lens of claims, certifications, and ingredient-level product characteristics for insight into what’s important to consumers.