Assortment Optimization

What if you could give your shoppers the exact products they wanted, every time?


Make room for what your shoppers really want

Our Assortment Optimization solution helps you identify which products really matter to your customers and which ones are readily substituted.

We can help you create optimal macro and micro assortment plans that boost sales and customer loyalty right down to the local store level, while minimizing sales risk when you de-list under-performing items, freeing up space for core items or introducing new products.


Consumer demand and preferences are always changing

We help you meet these evolving needs with an optimal assortment plan at the local level, while minimizing the risk of losing loyal customers and sales when de-listing items.

With powerful analytics and decision tools at your fingertips, you can hit your targets with the best-performing products by market, store format, shopper segment or planogram. Combine AI and customer insights to help understand how your customers will be impacted by assortment decisions.

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Key features
Key features


Deep analytics

We analyze your assortment from every angle; looking at critical attributes, demand transfer behavior and halo effects based on product complements to deliver the best recommendations for each category.


Data-driven insights

Our solution determines each item’s true item value (TIV) and combine it with customer item importance (CII), based on real insights from your best customers, to make smart recommendations that improve assortment productivity.


Artificial intelligence

Assortment decisions aren’t a one-time thing. Using advanced AI techniques, we help optimize your assortment on an ongoing basis, refining the model using new information to help you make increasingly smarter decisions.


SaaS tools to enable your merchants

Our cloud-based assortment tool allows your merchants to quickly assess which items are key to your overall assortment while evaluating the sales risk of removing lower-performing items.


Fact-based supplier discussions

Armed with real data, you can have transparent, fact-based negotiations with your suppliers that lead to smart win-win decisions.



Replacing under-performing SKUs can increase sales by 1–3% and profits by 2–4% annually.


How can we help you?

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