Tracking inflation’s impact around the world

Inflation has strained consumers’ wallets and dominated headlines throughout 2022. NielsenIQ is monitoring its impact on consumer mindsets and everyday grocery products as the cost of goods and services continues to rise around the world.

What is inflation? Glossary of terms, definitions, and meanings

We’ve compiled this glossary to help break down the various economic terms, acronyms, and jargon that are now popping up in news stories, social posts, and table top talk. We’ll be updating this word bank as the global conversation evolves.

The Grocery Price Tracker
The Grocery Price Tracker

A snapshot of NielsenIQ’s Global Grocery Price Tracker. Click the arrows to compare pricing insights from markets around the world and use the two charts to compare the impact of inflation from country to country.

Change in average equivalized price for grocery departments

The cost to consume
The cost to consume
  • The Cost to Consume - December
A woman buys a water bottle in shop on the brink of a US recession

Consumer Recession

Consumer recessions occur when the core habits of traditional consumption shift, forcing shoppers to behave as though a recession is already here. Learn more with NIQ’s latest Consumer Recession update.



Person optimizing their performance

The year of inflation

Learn how inflation has impacted consumer behavior across the globe.


The Canadian shopper journey

See how Canadian consumers are responding to inflation.


Inflation Report Pack

Inflation is here. Do you have the actionable insights you need now to plan for what’s next? We’ve created an affordable report pack to arm you with the data you need to get ahead of inflation.

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