NielsenIQ Activate

Create value for your brands and gain more revenue ​with retail media intelligence.

What is retail media intelligence ?
What is retail media intelligence ?

Power ads that work for customers, retailers and brands

NielsenIQ Activate is a unique SaaS platform, leveraging AI, that takes your retail media program from insights to actions to measurements.  It is a single platform that brands and retailers can use to launch campaigns and measure the impact of ads across all channels.​

The missing piece of your retail media strategy
The missing piece of your retail media strategy

Deliver a solution that you and your brands can use to gain insights, launch campaigns, and increase ROAS, while accelerating new monetization opportunities for your business.​

Understand the impact of your efforts

Measure the uplift of offers and ad campaigns across physical and digital channels.

Find the perfect audience match

Identify perfect targets in a few clicks with in-app dedicated audience and segmentation application and export them to owned and external media.

Know what your customers want

Discover granular customer preferences and behaviors by leveraging AI, and proactively identify risks and opportunities for brands and retailers.

Integrated into the retail media ecosystem

Interface with ad servers to score ad alternatives in real time according to each customer’s profile, and easily export audiences to the ad activation unit.​

Why NielsenIQ Activate ?
Why NielsenIQ Activate ?

NielsenIQ one platform

For quick time-to-value and seamless integration

Increase media revenue

With an innovative and tech-driven solution


Proven and engineered for scale

Solutions that brands love to use to go from  insights to action to measurements​

You are in control

Self-serve mechanisms augmented with customer success

The win-win benefits of NielsenIQ Activate


For Retailers

  • Increase retail media revenue
  • Gain sustainable investments from CPGs​
  • Create more effective engagements


For Brands

  • Access key insights​
  • Measurements they can trust​
  • Make smarter investments


For Customers

  • Timely engagement​
  • Valuable content
  • Personalized experience
Under the Hood
Under the Hood

How NielsenIQ Activate works


The most relevant content in real-time

Powerful data and actionable recommendations maximize profitability and eliminate wasteful trade spend.


Combining depth and granularity​

NielsenIQ Activate audiences and build leveraging our AI platform that scans thousands of attributes for each customer and each product, enabling users to understand lifestyle preferences and avoid constraints such as competing offers or sensitive topics.


Aligned objectives ensure strong ROAS

By empowering your brand partners to rationalize their media spend and measure the impact of their content across all channels, you create a more optimize cycle of supplier-funded promotions, one where you as a retailer derive more value, and where your brand partners can measure how the programs they fund on your platform create better engagements with customers.

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