Are you using data to get ahead of your competition?​

Small and medium business owners are the backbones of economies. ​

Understanding your customers, competitors, and the market you operate in is key to your growth. ​

NielsenIQ data designed for entrepreneurs helps you understand your category, your market, and your competitors, and build strategic plans.​

Grow your business.

Categories – your playing field
Categories – your playing field

There are over 200 product categories in an average market. If public data is available, it usually is very aggregated or old. And seldom granular enough for answering questions like:

  • What is the market trend in my category? ​
  • How are my products performing compared to my competitors? ​
  • What channels are really working for me? ​

When you know the answer, you can learn when it’s time for introducing new products, or it can point you towards a successful idea or better distribution channels. ​

In other words – a map to growing your business.

“Insights-driven companies will be three times more likely to outperform their competitors”

”Predictions 2022: Customer Insights”, Forrester

Today’s challenger brands, need to know more, make better decisions, and deliver better outcomes for your organizations and your customers.

NielsenIQ offers you and your business:


An agile and flexible solution​

Designed for entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses – designed to give you the power and freedom with data via our single access point.​


With affordable pricing​

Start with a small investment to unlock new growth potential with accurate data to achieve fast ROI.​


Easy to use

Deliverables via our always-on platform, with a simple & easy to use interface, providing actionable insights to grow your business.​


Diving into the growth of small and medium businesses

01 April 2022, 3 mins read


Use reliable market data to:

  • Understand the marketplace​
  • Monitor your competitors’ performance​
  • Find arguments to get more listings​
  • Identify your next big opportunity​
Featured solution
Featured solution

Connect Express Go​

Expand your horizon. Get the confidence to make data-driven decisions to grow your business ​

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