Price Optimization

Optimize your prices for perception, revenue and profit—all at once.


Make pricing decisions that meet multiple objectives

Not every item or category in your store or on your website can be priced to drive profit. With each one having a different role and level of customer response, determining the best pricing investment decisions across every item is a constant challenge.

Price Optimization allows you to simultaneously understand the trade-offs across all categories and all items across your entire store and website, so that you can make smart, balanced pricing decisions that deliver against financial targets while also meeting the needs of your best customers.


An integrated pricing platform across shelf, e-commerce and personalization.

We model the customer response to competitor price changes to identify competitors who are important for their brand, category or location.

Our solution empowers you with price and shopper insights that guide you in making intelligent pricing decisions that drive profit and beat competitors.

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Key features
Key features


Analytics that go deep

We dig deep into the most granular levels of your customer, product and store hierarchies, and determine elasticities, prices and forecasts at the customer or segment level. We help you identify Key Value Items, analyze customer behavior by segment, analyze your competitors and more.


What-if scenarios

Forecast the likely impact of price recommendations and compare different what-if strategies to make sure every pricing decision makes sense.


Artificial intelligence

Pricing decisions need to be made again and again. Using advanced AI techniques, we help optimize your pricing on an ongoing basis, constantly improving the model using new information to help you refine your prices across your real and virtual stores.


Price sensitivity and competitive analysis

Identify the items, brands and stores on which customers are most price sensitive and where competitive pricing makes the most sense.



Whether online or in the store, some items tend to demand lower prices but drive perception and volume. We help you balance the whole picture to develop a comprehensive pricing strategy that works for the entire store or site.


How can we help you?

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