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What’s driving the future of retail?


What’s driving the future of retail?

The last 24 months have forced accelerated investment in areas like e-commerce, delivery, and digital tech adoption.

The future of retail and the global consumer goods sector is likely to be fueled by a small number of transformative ideas, with trillions of dollars already earmarked toward accelerating change. Our analysis of these ideas assesses the trajectory of 18 big bets in CPG, and provides a scorecard to compare the the trends and hurdles at play.

The future of retail and CPG

In a recent LinkedIn Live event, “Investing in the Leading Edge: The Big Bets Shaping CPG and Retail” we discussed this report and looked at the top investments that will impact CPG in the next 3 years.

Watch the playback of this event, where Genevieve Aronson (VP, Global Thought Leadership, NielsenIQ), Regan Leggett (Leader of Intelligence and Foresight, NielsenIQ), along with Kevin Grundy (Managing Director, Equity Research, Jeffries) discuss:

  • What’s ahead for the future of CPG and retail sectors in the next 3-5 years.
  • Where first movers are investing, testing, and betting on the next big ideas.
  • Which of these future-focused investments have the clearest runways to success, and which have the largest obstacles to overcome.

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