Press Release

Nielsen Connect Partner Network welcomes Amazon activation platform CommerceIQ and wellness-focused data company SPINS

Press Release

Nielsen Connect Partner Network welcomes Amazon activation platform CommerceIQ and wellness-focused data company SPINS

New York, NY, September 30, 2019 – Today, Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN) announced an expansion of its Connect Partner Network. As the industry’s largest curated community of partners for consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and retailers, Nielsen’s open ecosystem has sustained significant year-over-year growth, reflecting a roster increase of nearly 40% since August 2018. Showcasing the company’s strategic strength in e-commerce and wellness trends, Nielsen welcomes two new innovators in these spaces: Amazon automation and insights company CommerceIQ and wellness-focused data technology leader SPINS

As e-commerce and health-conscious consumer preferences continue to shape today’s CPG and retail landscape, Nielsen’s continued investment in these growing sectors enables companies to stay one step ahead. Connected Partner CommerceIQ positions itself as the industry’s first end-to-end commerce platform for Amazon, enabling brands to drive profitable market share and sales growth. The CommerceIQ platform employs data science, machine learning, and automation to serve as the centralized platform for all things Amazon, enabling companies to break down silos across sales, marketing and supply chain to master the practice of machine-based e-commerce on Amazon.   

“For over 90 years, Nielsen has been a trusted source for global measurement and data analytics of consumer behavior worldwide,” says Guru Hariharan, CEO, CommerceIQ. “Their teams are witnessing an explosion in e-commerce that is fueling a massive change in how brands reach and sell to consumers in the digital age. Our platform empowers brands with inventory and profit-aware advertising, as well as supply chain automation, to drive profitable market share and sales growth. We’re excited to partner with Nielsen on innovative solutions to drive omnichannel growth for our clients.”

SPINS, a data technology company for the natural, organic, and specialty product industries, makes consumer wellness insights more actionable for retailers and manufacturers. As a Connected Partner, SPINS will provide retailers and manufacturers with a broader understanding of household purchasing behaviors.

“CPG brands and retailers are grappling with a landscape of consumers increasingly disloyal to the brands they usually buy, and ways they usually shop,” said Brett Jones, Global Leader, Connect Partner Network, Nielsen. “To overcome this, they need to use the most advanced tools, powered by the highest quality data, to make faster and smarter decisions. The Connect Partner Network starts from a point of collaboration and transparency, using Nielsen data as a foundation to allow our clients to swiftly navigate hurdles in better understanding their consumers. From e-commerce to health and wellness and beyond, the game is changing, and our open network helps brands and retailers keep pace. We are excited to embark on our growing collaboration with CommerceIQ and SPINS.”

In three years, Nielsen’s Connect Partner Network has been instrumental in enabling more than 150 unique Nielsen clients to work with trusted, tech-forward partners matching their specific needs. For partners, the network’s open, collaborative framework provides a way to amplify sales, create more valuable offerings, and easily access Nielsen data. From helping clients drive consumers to stores where their products are purchased, to creating dynamic product pricing, the problems Nielsen and Connected Partners solve together are vast. Click here for additional information on Nielsen’s Connect Partner Network.

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