Press Release

Data Impact by NielsenIQ unveils a new generation of Amazon Sales & Share analytics to empower e-commerce insights

Press Release

Data Impact by NielsenIQ unveils a new generation of Amazon Sales & Share analytics to empower e-commerce insights

Paris, France – October 17, 2023 – Data Impact by NielsenIQ, a leading omnichannel analytics platform, is excited to introduce its cutting-edge Amazon Sales & Share analytics suite in Europe. This innovative solution aims to simplify the complexities faced by consumer-packaged goods (CPG) brands navigating the multi-billion dollar Amazon marketplace.

CPG e-commerce insight leaders face a daunting challenge in today’s omnichannel retail environment: the need to close reporting gaps and gain a complete view of their market. Data Impact collects nearly a billion data points daily on Amazon, enabling businesses to benchmark their performance against competitors and cultivate a Full ViewTM of the market. Key features of Data Impact’s Amazon Sales & Share Analytics include:

  • Elevated Data Collection Frequency: Data Impact’s suite ensures an elevated frequency of data collection, capturing the continuous changes.
  • Machine Learning AI: The solution incorporates machine learning AI that constantly adapts to changes, providing the most precise measurements in the industry down to child ASIN granularity.
  • Robust Data Cleaning: Data Impact boasts the most thorough data cleaning in the industry, ensuring data accuracy.
  • Signals Beyond Sales Rank: The suite includes signals beyond sales rank that influence product performance, offering a comprehensive view of brand performance.

Yacine Terki, Founder and CEO at Data Impact by NielsenIQ, stated, “After years of research and development, we’ve successfully created a much-needed second generation of Amazon Sales & Share analytics. Our machine learning AI model represents a significant milestone in the industry and empowers businesses with a data-driven solution for Amazon and their e-retail media model in particular.”

Today, reporting must be done with accuracy and granularity to deliver a successful omnichannel strategy across departments that capitalizes on the total omni opportunity. With these innovative components, brands can now seamlessly manage execution and gain unparalleled insights into their product performance on the world’s largest online marketplace. In addition to the key features, this new solution provides clients with key competitive advantages that collectively contribute to the accuracy of market share measurement, providing the most dependable estimation of category-wide sales available. These advantages include:

  • Category-wide Sales Insights: The suite provides deep visibility into sales performance, with granular data breakdowns and benchmarking of exceptional accuracy.
  • High-frequency Data Collection: Data Impact captures constant changes on Amazon with the most recurrent automatic data collection available.
  • Automated Data Management: The suite simplifies the Amazon experience with fully automated data management and categorization, allowing brands to allocate resources more efficiently and enabling cross-referencing.

Data Impact’s Amazon Sales & Share analytics suite empowers brands to make data-driven decisions, optimize their Amazon presence, and maximize their sales potential. With a user-friendly interface and a commitment to providing actionable insights, this suite is a game-changer for CPGs. The new solution is now available in the U.K., France, Germany, Spain, and Italy with new markets to come in 2024.

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Data Impact by NielsenIQ is a leading data analytics solution provider that empowers businesses with actionable insights. The first digital shelf partner to offer location-based analytics, Data Impact provides the most granular, and therefore accurate, analytics available. Leveraging both advanced technology and deep industry expertise, DIbyNIQ continually generates exceptionally high ratings for client satisfaction.

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