Press Release

NIQ Canada Unveils Revolutionary Omnishopper Consumer Panel Redefining Market Insights

Press Release

NIQ Canada Unveils Revolutionary Omnishopper Consumer Panel Redefining Market Insights


Toronto, ON – November 30, 2024 — NIQ Canada proudly announces the launch of NIQ Omnishopper, a groundbreaking addition to its esteemed suite of market research solutions. This new consumer panel complements NIQ’s renowned Homescan panel, empowering clients with unprecedented access to comprehensive consumer insights across diverse segments of the Canadian market. The Omnishopper solution will be available within NIQ’s Discover platform, allowing retailers and manufacturers to effectively use the power of data to successfully compete in today’s challenging business environment and, at the same time, make their business more efficient.

Distinguished as the largest longitudinal consumer panel in Canada, NIQ Omnishopper boasts an impressive base of over 25,000 active and engaged panelists. This panel ensures unparalleled accuracy and depth in delivering representative market insights by leveraging NIQ’s proprietary assets and methodologies, including trip projection and receipt coding expertise rooted in decades of product coding knowledge.

“NIQ Omnishopper represents a significant leap in our commitment to empowering our clients with comprehensive consumer behavior insights,” said Geoff Atkinson, VP of Consumer Strategy at NIQ. “We’ve fortified this panel with our unique methodologies and extensive experience in panel management to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of consumer preferences and purchasing behavior.”

The Omnishopper panel integrates NIQ’s survey capabilities as a pivotal component of its offerings. The panel’s foundation emphasizes data quality, maintaining geographical and demographic balance aligned with Stats Canada standards, and assuring clients of robust and reliable information.

“By unveiling the Omnishopper panel, NIQ not only enhances the depth of market understanding but also opens doors to a myriad of consumer behavior nuances previously untapped,” said Jenny Mabley

Vice President, North America Sales at NIQ. “This launch positions NIQ as an invaluable partner for businesses seeking to navigate and thrive in today’s dynamic market landscape.”

The Omnishopper panel offers clients various opportunities to delve deeper into consumer purchasing behavior, attitudes, and shopping preferences. It enables businesses to pinpoint prime channels and retailers for opportunities while optimizing segmentation, targeting, and measuring consumer sales and marketing strategies. NIQ’s Omnishopper panel extends its scope into new and exciting areas of consumer purchase behavior. Notably it sheds light on purchasing trends within online, and specialized sectors such as Beauty and Pet Specialty, Ethnic Grocers, Dollar channels, and Warehouse Clubs.

NIQ Canada’s Omnishopper panel is set to revolutionize the market research landscape by providing unparalleled insights into the diverse facets of consumer behavior. For more information or inquiries, connect with your NIQ representative.

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