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Monday, May 16

5:00 – 6:15 PM Opening session & keynote

6:30 – 9:00 PM Welcome reception & dinner

Tuesday, May 17

7:00 – 8:15 AM Breakfast

8:30 – 11:00 AM Mainstage

11:45 AM – 1:00 PM Product Showcase, Partner Zone & lunch 

1:15 – 6:00 PM Breakout sessions, Product Showcase & Partner Zone 

7:00 – 10:00 PM Closing dinner & reception

Wednesday, May 18

7:30 – 8:30 AM Breakfast

8:45 – 11:00 AM Mainstage & closing keynote

12:15pm Conference concludes


In this climate of perpetual change, forward momentum begins with knowledge and a clear understanding of the total consumer landscape. General sessions will provide a roadmap to help you uncover pathways for sustainable growth into 2023 and beyond by focusing on perseverance, advancement, and progression.

Join us and discover new ways to meet the ever-evolving demands of a changing world.

Breakout sessions

The mainstage conversations will continue during conference breakout sessions, where attendees will have the opportunity to connect with NielsenIQ thought leaders and innovators from across the retail, manufacturing, and technology industries. Topics will highlight:  Consumer drivers propelling the industry forward, purpose-lead priorities shaping a better future, and emerging trends and drivers of the next retail decade. 

Super Session

Winning in omnichannel

This two-part super session will showcase how industry leading sales measurement, shopping behavior diagnostics and digital shelf analytics will position your company to excel in the omnichannel marketplace and stay ahead of the ever-evolving consumer landscape.  

How to effectively compete in an omnichannel world 
How well are you positioned to capture growth in the omnichannel marketplace? With rapid digital transformation and surging e-commerce, it’s critical to take a channel agnostic approach when developing your strategy. This session will explore the complex environment and why it requires omnichannel data and insights that are broad in coverage, granular in product detail—and most importantly—accurate and precise.  

Going deeper to understand omnichannel consumers 
As consumer behavior upends category norms, brands are rethinking their “where to play” and “how to win” strategies to win consumer share of wallet. And with an explosion of data through e-commerce and rampant fragmentation of data sources, strategy alignment is as critical as it is complex. This session will introduce NielsenIQ’s latest omnishopper primary research, combined with omnishopper data and insights, to forecast the next frontier of consumer behavior.

Pillar: The great retail reset

A new era in supplier collaboration 

With demand volatility and heightened customer expectations emerging as the new norm, retailers and brand makers will need to accelerate collaboration to meet these evolving shopper needs. This session will explore the next generation of retail trade partnerships and will focus on how to leverage collaborations with enhanced data and advanced technology to yield fewer empty shelves, more robust assortments and precision promotions and pricing.  

Pillar: Dominating disruptive forces

Creating equity, empowering communities 

Increasing representation and adopting inclusive practices that support people of color and their communities has become a corporate imperative for growth and longevity. Join this session to learn how NielsenIQ is leading the charge to facilitate equity and empower Black and Brown leaders and entrepreneurs through data, insights, and targeted development opportunities. 

Pillar: Progressing with purpose

Does your brand measure up?  

Against the backdrop of a challenging inflationary environment which is compounding pricing and promotion complexity, increased competition, and rampant innovation on-shelf, assessing a brand’s performance vs. its competitors has been a complex and cost-prohibitive endeavor—until now. This session will present a simple, intuitive journey to benchmark brand performance and unveil the gold standard of performance measurement, providing clear insights and immediate recommendations. The session will also highlight how retailers can benefit from this new standardized model to gain insights across brands in their competitive sets. 

Pillar: Dominating disruptive forces

Empowering growth through next-gen analytics

The rate of change in the marketplace continues to accelerate as e-commerce surges and inflation hits a 40-year high amid unprecedented COG increases and labor shortages. Having real-time analytics in your strategic playbook has never been more critical. This session will help attendees gain clarity on how technology can help empower decision-makers at all levels to make faster, smarter decisions and gain an edge on the competition. 

Pillar: Dominating disruptive forces

Navigating the evolving retail media landscape  

Retail media networks have surged in the past 15 months, when the landscape has grown increasingly crowded, competitive and complex. This session will provide a blueprint of how retailers can augment their retail media business through intelligence and automation to improve and leverage CPG relationships to grow business. The session will also share guidance for creating a new operating model that’s built to last with better data transparency, new capabilities and strategies for utilizing retail media to fuel discovery, purchases and loyalty. 

Pillar: Dominating disruptive forces

Optimizing revenue in an age of inflation 

Inflation, rising cost of goods, increased labor wages, and supply chain disruptions are daily challenges for manufacturers and retailers. As such, trading partners have no choice but to pass price increases on to their customers. Beyond adjusting everyday prices, manufacturers need to understand how to make their trade spend stretch further. Join this session to learn how to leverage dynamic modeling capabilities and artificial intelligence to optimize revenue, streamline pricing and promotion plans, get real-time market insights, and build account-level trade plans while maximizing margin opportunities. 

Pillar: Dominating disruptive forces

Rich attribution to drive growth  

Gluten-free chips…ketogenic snack bars…no added sugar drinks…hypoallergenic lotion…reef-safe sunscreen…the way shoppers seek out products both online and in-store is shifting substantially—from brand-based, to products that meet individual need-states and preferences. This session will highlight strategies to increase product discoverability, why it’s critical to leverage content beyond the label, how to identify attributes that matter most, and how to harness this movement to drive sales. 

Pillar: Progressing with purpose

Evolution of clean beauty

Clean beauty has emerged as a major trend in recent years, but the definition is constantly evolving to mean far more than its “free-from” attributes. Instead, consumers are now demanding that brands ramp up their sustainability commitments with products that are refillable, biodegradable, and plastic-free. This session will highlight the latest insights on the evolving clean beauty category and recommendations for how brands can better understand and capitalize on the next wave of consumer trends 

Pillar: Progressing with purpose

Viewing wellness through a new lens 

While the global pandemic inspired many to reimagine their wellness, lifestyle and consumption habits, it also exposed comorbidities like diabetes, which impacts some 34 million Americans alongside another 88 million prediabetic patients. This pivotal moment—where consumers are facing staggering health care costs and are more open to proactively preventing illness using food and supplements as medicine—represents a massive opportunity for retail trading partners. This session will highlight key macro wellness trends and provide a model on how the industry can solve health challenges, from identifying white space opportunities to leveraging new ways to drive retail loyalty.  

Pillar: Progressing with purpose

These revolutionary shifts are upending strategies across emerging and established companies alike. Make sure you join us to look forward so you don’t get left behind.

Product showcase

Attendees will enjoy exclusive access to a product playground exploring the latest business intelligence innovations. Browse live demonstrations and connect with experts who will be on-hand to answer questions and provide guidance. Discover the latest in omnishopper intelligence, advanced e-commerce tools, solutions from Byzzer to BASES – and maybe even a few surprises.  


Connect with peers and attendees from some of the world’s most impactful companies and organizations. With thought-provoking sessions and engaging speakers, Consumer 360® is designed to foster meaningful conversations, create new connections and deepen existing relationships.  

We look forward to welcoming you in person to Orlando!