Consumer 360 Agenda

Tuesday, June 6​

5:15 – 6:30 PM​ Mainstage and keynote​​

6:30 – 9:30 PM​ Welcome reception​

Wednesday, June 7​

7:00 – 8:15 AM​ Breakfast​, Product Showcase and Specialty Zone

8:30 AM – 12:30 PM Mainstage

12:30 – 1:30 PM​​ Lunch, Product Showcase and Specialty Zone​​ 

1:30 – 3:30 PM​ Mainstage 

3:30 – 4:30 PM​ Breakouts

4:30 – 5:30 PM Product Showcase and Specialty Zone

6:30- 10:30 PM Dinner

Thursday, June 8​

7:00 – 8:15 AM Breakfast, Product Showcase and Specialty Zone

8:30 AM – 12:00 PM Breakout sessions, Product Showcase and Specialty Zone​

12:00 – 1:00 PM Lunch, Product Showcase  and Specialty Zone

1:00 – 5:00 PM Mainstage and closing keynote​

6:30- 11:00 PM Closing party​

Friday, June 9​



Against the backdrop of persistent economic, societal, and technological change, having a Full View of the total consumer landscape is essential to successfully paving new growth pathways for 2023 and beyond. Learn from retailers, influencers, and technology experts about what’s shaping the future of retail in our general sessions, where we’ll reveal the latest intel on shopper behavior, omnichannel, impactful ESG strategies, and visionary leadership. 

NEW! 2023 Founder’s Pitch Slam  

New this year! Get ready for the 2023 NIQ Founders Pitch Slam for Emerging Brands!  

For the first time ever at Consumer 360, NIQ will host one of the largest CPG pitch slams of the year for founding entrepreneurs. This event will provide a rare opportunity for emerging CPG brand makers to pitch their products to an esteemed panel of industry executives from across the retail, investment and global brand communities at C360 in Los Angeles. All audience members will have the opportunity to vote for their fan favorite among the top five finalists. 

This unique competition will provide the pitch slam winner with exclusive access to NIQ’s data experts to help build their brand through the lens of best-in-class data and analytics. Five finalists will receive an all-expenses paid trip to C360 for the live pitch, vying for the ultimate prize package. 

Join us and discover how to better understand and master the new realities required to stay ahead of the next waves of change. 

Breakout sessions

The mainstage conversations continued during conference breakout sessions, where attendees had the opportunity to connect with NielsenIQ thought leaders and innovators from across the retail, manufacturing, and technology industries. Topics highlighted:  Consumer drivers propelling the industry forward, purpose-lead priorities shaping a better future, and emerging trends and drivers of the next retail decade. 

Accelerating New Product Launches with Market Intelligence 

Getting to market faster, with greater confidence, is critical in today’s fast-paced world. This session will explore how BASES and GMI partnered to identify an idea for a new product launch using market intelligence, machine learning and AI from inception to completion in less than 6 months. The session will also discuss the rapid techniques made possible through the unique blend of NIQ RMS sales data, idea transformation and BASES new solutions to transform ideas into top performing new products. 

Building Public-Private Partnerships with the FDA

Transformative changes are being made to improve the nation’s nutrition and reduce diet-related diseases by 2030. Join us for a fireside chat with experts at the FDA and USDA who will share the latest updates on federal food policies and proposals, such as the “healthy” rule and enhancements to the SNAP/WIC program. Attendees will learn how to leverage data attributes to help navigate the changing nutritional landscape and ensure product formulations meet evolving federal guidelines. 

Connected Collaboration

Learn about NIQ’s new era of connected collaboration and innovation with a case study from Rite Aid, which has elevated its retail analytics for both the drug store retailer and its suppliers with an end-to-end solution spanning measurement, sales, supply chain, shopping basket and consumer data on a single, integrated platform. Find out how NIQ’s easy-to-use platform employs the latest database and visualization technology while leveraging AI to identify opportunities and deliver actionable insights to grow sales and customer loyalty. 

Diverse Voices 

By 2040, almost half of Americans are projected to be multicultural, representing an estimated $4T+ in buying power. Diverse Voices is a series of reports which profile the buying behavior and preferences of Black, Asian Hispanic consumers and other diverse groups. This session will highlight the impact and influence of Black and/or Hispanic consumers and identify ways for brands to authentically connect with these multicultural groups and unlock tremendous growth.  

Doing Good with NIQ Data

Consumer needs are rapidly evolving, leaving manufacturers and retailers in a tailspin trying to keep up with the latest trends. What steps can you take to stay ahead of the trend and be first in market meeting consumer needs? How do you do this in a way that is better for you, better for them, and better for us? This session will walk attendees through the intersectionality of leveraging rich NIQ product attribution data to stay ahead of trends fueled by strategies that are better for the marketplace. 

Driving Increased Sales and ROI in Advertising Campaigns

Join this session to learn how Kimberly Clark and BASES’s ad team increased ROI and emotional engagement through powerful, impactful advertising campaigns. This case study shows how this impactful partnership developed and enhanced one of Kimberly Clark’s most successful campaigns in 2022, from idea through to creative execution, revealing the ongoing impact of the campaign on sales. 

The Evolution of Shopping Trips 

Prior to the pandemic, CPG shopping trip behaviors had already been undergoing transformative change. The rise of e-commerce was peeling bulky items like diapers and dog food from stock up trips while new modes of fulfillment were creating entirely new trip types. COVID dramatically accelerated these trends and as the shift from pandemic to endemic continues, this session will take a fresh look at the evolution of shopping trips, including the implications and opportunities for brands, retailers and consumers. New NIQ research will also detail what we know about trip behaviors across CPG categories, followed by a panel discussion with leading experts. 

First-Party Data in a Privacy-First Era

As third-party cookies come ever closer to being eliminated and media budgets get squeezed further by inflation, first-party data is going to play a larger role across the media ecosystem for audience targeting and cross-channel media measurement. Join us for a discussion to learn how to prepare for the post-cookie world in 2024 with NIQ’s first-party data sets can be seamlessly integrated to power audience, measurement and insights in media solutions. 

Leveraging Price and Promotion as a Competitive Advantage

At a time when inflation has seen its highest spike in 40 years amid an unprecedented rate of change in the marketplace, having real-time analytics in your playbook has never been more critical to survive. This session will help you gain clarity on how to leverage price and promotion as a competitive advantage and maximize your profits at a time when inflation is affecting shopper behavior like never before. Join us as to learn about pricing solutions that can empower decision-makers at all levels with a dynamic forecast of where the industry is headed in 2023 and beyond. 

On-Shelf Availability in an Era of Supply Chain Disruption

This session will explore how NIQ’s OSA Barometer has uncovered and provided early warning for recurring shortages of consumer staples that have become commonplace in today’s disrupted climate. Learn how retail trading partners can comparatively measure and benchmark a product’s on-shelf availability; identify and quantify availability issues by leveraging best-in-class analytics and advanced modelling; improve operations at the store level; and raise awareness across markets, retailers, categories and suppliers while improving operational actions at the store/inventory level.  Find out how product shortages have already impacted your business and learn how you can avoid future disruptions. 

Setting the Right Retail Pricing Strategy in Uncertain Times

Today’s retail landscape requires using the right combination of strategy and advanced analytics to stand out in the market. The session will explore how consumer price perception has been impacted by market factors and why retailers need to revise their strategic approach to pricing while highlighting how retailers can maintain market share profitably and grow customer traffic and engagement by linking at-shelf and promotional pricing strategy in a unified merchandising framework.   

Vertical Focus: BevAL

Beverage Alcohol Channel Migration

Beverage alcohol consumers are evolving, and so are their shopping patterns—particularly in the past 3 years, when consumers have shifted purchases between on-premise and off-premise channels, as well as liquor and convenience stores. While broader e-commerce is stabilizing, online alcohol sales are facing headwinds. This session will focus on channel migration and the importance of data integration across all channels, including e-commerce, and will further explore the elements of the highly fragmented liquor store channel and how its retail fundamentals are changing. How do we dispel the myth that online is less important for alcohol, and what online delivery methods are most important? 

Vertical Focus: BevAL

With ready-to-drink, non-alcohol beer, wine, and spirits, premiumization and inflation all top of mind for beverage alcohol suppliers, distributors, and retailers, this session will reveal the hottest trends and growth estimates for the back half of 2023. Additional highlights will illustrate how RTD is impacting specific categories and alternative ways to track this segment which overlaps all major categories. Key topics will explore if wine is poised for a comeback or if spirits will continue to take share from the broader beverage alcohol market, and how price increases have impacted consumer behavior and where consumers are likely to spend more of their alcohol dollars for the balance of the year. 

Vertical Focus: Pet

Paw-sitive Growth in Pet

Pet was the fastest growing department across the store in 2022. Are you capitalizing on that trend? NIQ’s pet measurement is growing and is ready to help unlock growth to help the pet channel better understand their share and opportunities in the market. Join this session to learn how retailers and brands can win utilizing our expanded offline and online pet market read, discover new and trending attributes within the pet space and understand the criticality of omnichannel measurement for capturing share in the highly competitive physical and digital world.  

Vertical Focus: Beauty

Inclusive Beauty: Leveraging brand uniqueness to drive growth

Consumers are placing increasing importance on the unique attributes of the products they are choosing, including with founder diversity. The beauty industry has been a trailblazer in promoting under-represented founders, whose brands are finding success by leading with their unique voices that are solving niche and previously ignored needs such as aging, curly/coily haircare, men’s personal care and more. During this session, members of the NIQ 2023 Beauty Trailblazer program will share how they have found success by amplifying what makes their brands unique and different. 

Product Showcase and Specialty Zone

Attendees will enjoy exclusive access to a product playground exploring the latest business intelligence and customer-centric solutions. Browse live demonstrations and connect with experts who will be available to share insights, answer questions and provide guidance. Discover the latest in Omnishopper and Omnisales, revenue/business drivers, Shelf Architect, connected collaboration and BASES’ innovation ecosystem and creative product AI. This year will also feature the Specialty Zone, a dedicated space to build effective strategies for pet, beauty, BevAl, Byzzer for small brands, multicultural consumers- and more!

Stay tuned for Specialty Zone station details


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