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Route to Market

Store Execution Segmentation

Maximize sales with an unparalleled dynamic market solution.

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Traditional retail measurement can only go so far

Revolutionize your approach to market sales dynamics. Store Execution Segmentation harnesses the power of dynamic creation, integrated analytics, and best-in-class store-level data, to unlock previously untapped growth opportunities.

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Dynamically re-segment data to go beyond retail measurement
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Test hypotheses in the moments they matter
Unlock data-driven insights that will fuel growth
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Dynamically view performance and elevate opportunities

Harness the power of integrated analytics to simulate market conditions, analyze results, and validate hypotheses in-market. Perform dynamic market analysis by grouping stores based on common key factors, such as category dynamics or product performance, so you can tailor analysis to specific business cases.

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Key features
Key features


Unmatched data

Gold-standard, store-level data serves as the foundation for dynamic market definition. Getting to a deeper level of analytics, specific to manufacturers business needs.


Dynamic grouping

Stores are grouped by any combination of shared factors such as category dynamics, product performance, and store attributes.


Effective output

Results are displayed in interactive dashboards that pinpoint the market growth drivers and competitive advantages contributing to business success. 


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