Assess performance and analytics at the micro-region level.

Critical answers on location and execution

Maintain target tracking of your sales team and develop demand clusters to prioritize store investment. By gaining insights into smaller regions with isolated local trade areas, you can prioritize in-store investments and assortment planning.

  • Local demographic and sales-based data
  • Track field engagement for clear market impact
  • Develop demand clusters by segment

Small-scale data, big-time gains

MicroTargeting offers broad-scale availability to view and assess performance analytics at the micro-region level. Within a single solution, you can gain access to Census, Spectra, and POS data, discovering demand and demographics across different markets.

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Key features
Key features


Precise localization

Decompose markets into small geographies using a patent-pending model available exclusively through NielsenIQ.


Advanced insights

Combine demography and geography for the best definition of micro-regional boundaries.


Integrated data

Enable incremental data sources to be incorporated into your plan.


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