Global Innovation Incrementality

Accelerate your market possibilities with incrementality and high-impact innovation

Don’t cannibalize your portfolio with the wrong innovation strategy

Identify high-impact innovations that will bring incremental growth to your portfolio. Through analytical modeling and best-in-class analysis, you’ll be equipped to adapt your strategy at a category, country, and cross-country level.

  • Pinpoint true innovation and quantify sales impact
  • Assess the landscape and benchmark your competition
  • Answer key business questions via easy to use dashboards

Capitalize on incremental innovation opportunities

Harness unmatched insights to adapt your innovation strategy. Utilizing linear regression modeling and trusted analytics, Global innovation incrementality separates true value from cannibalization. The interactive dashboards provide big picture analysis with a focus on competitive strategy, innovation trends, and data-driven insights to infuse into your strategy.

Key features
Key features


Innovation Identification

True innovations identified across the globe with a consistent methodology and a powerful algorithm that leverages best-in-class data.


Incrementality Measurement

New product sales are broken out across trade-up/switching sales, net-new sales and cannibalization with a linear regression model.


Advanced Analytics

Our powerful algorithm uses three years of weekly data to identify new product launches in your categories and comprehensive NIQ coverage for the Full View of the marketplace.


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