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NIQ Brandbank launches new product data optimization solution

Newscenter Article

NIQ Brandbank launches new product data optimization solution

Today, NIQ Brandbank, the global leading provider of digital product content, is pleased to announce the launch of its new product data optimisation solution, Content Health+, designed to empower brands to set the standard and become category leader with insight into category comparison and content benchmarking. This innovative new solution underscores NIQ Brandbank’s continued commitment to digitalise the shopper experience and deliver best in class product content across omnichannel. 

Research conducted by NIQ Brandbank highlights that up to 84% of brands fail to claim at least one of the top three most searched attributes that their product qualifies for. With lifestyle, dietary, sustainable and ethical needs at the forefront of shopper minds, brands are being forced to re-evaluate the quality of product information shared with shoppers online and how it compares with their competitors. Shoppers now expect brands to go beyond the back of pack product information to connect with shoppers across the omnichannel from discovery to purchase. 

NIQ Brandbank’s Content Health+ solution enables brands to first identify their content strengths and weaknesses based on their content health score and competitor rank, and secondly, continually improve the effectiveness and integrity of product content and optimise with additional attributes to achieve product content completeness.  

Marsha McGraw, Global Managing Director at NIQ Brandbank commented, “We are excited to unveil our new product data optimisation solution, a testament to our continued innovation and commitment to our clients to digitalise the shopper experience. You can’t improve what you can’t measure, and we are proud to give our clients the opportunity to optimise their product content based on actionable insights to win on the digital shelf.” 

With NIQ Brandbank’s new Content Health+ solution, brands can: 

  1. Measure against competition by gauging the content health of product content against competitor products and identify areas of improvement to win on the digital shelf. 
  1. Quickly identify priority areas for optimisation using a simple traffic light colour scheme to help identify areas of strengths and weaknesses. 
  1. Drive product matching with a combination of imagery and text, ensuring matches are based on similar styles of products as well as their composition and ingredients. 
  1. Set the market standards and position as a category leader by utilising actionable insights to drive best in class product content.  

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About NIQ Brandbank

NIQ Brandbank is the leading provider of digital product content solutions powering omnichannel shopping experiences.     

We enable brands and retailers to deliver the best shopping experience by giving them the ability to capture and share rich digital product content on all channels seamlessly. NIQ Brandbank’s end-to-end solutions connect shoppers to the most up to date and relevant digital product content making consumer goods more discoverable and engaging.    

With over 25 years of experience and operating in 39 countries, NIQ Brandbank is the content partner to over 52,000+ brands, 700+ retailers, and wholesalers across the globe, creating a rich online shopping experience, while minimizing the cost and complexity for the industry.     

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