Press Release

NielsenIQ set to create the largest Omnishopper panel in the U.S.

Press Release

NielsenIQ set to create the largest Omnishopper panel in the U.S.

Chicago, IL – April 19, 2022 – Today, NielsenIQ announced plans to expand its Omnishopper panel in the U.S. through their strategic agreement with Fetch Rewards, the largest mobile consumer rewards app in the U.S. with 13 million monthly active users. By scaling the sample size of their existing Omnishopper panel, which provides the broadest overview of consumer behavior today, NielsenIQ will become the first in the industry to unlock unique use cases by providing deep granularity across thousands of retailers not available through small scale panels.

Today, 85% of CPG dollar sales come from omnichannel consumers who shop across both brick-and-mortar and online channels. As today’s consumers move more fluidly across retailers and channels, it has become challenging to see the full landscape and to determine how to prioritize opportunities. Through NielsenIQ’s Omnishopper panel, clients will be able to follow shopper behavior and understand evolving consumer habits, enabling them to develop data-backed plans and tailor-made strategies unique to their customers.

NielsenIQ’s Omnishopper panel, launched in 2021, offers the only longitudinal source in the market today, of shopper behavior backed by industry-leading sales data and rich product reference data. Building on this one-of-a-kind panel, NielsenIQ will significantly enhance consumer insights across granular geographies, demographics, disruptive brands and retailers and match the speed at which new product launches and industry trends can be capitalized upon by clients. Composed of longitudinal omnishopper data curated from Fetch Rewards’ broad user base, this panel will have an unmatched ability to provide the most holistic, long-term view into consumer behavior that no other panel can provide.

“We pride ourselves on continuing to find, identify and leverage the best sources of data to build the most complete view of the U.S. market,” said Kris Ewing, Chief Product Officer, NielsenIQ. “We now have a unique ability to work with the best data set from Fetch Rewards to satisfy the need for broad consumer measurement in the fragmented U.S. market.”

This enhancement to NielsenIQ’s Omnishopper product will combine NielsenIQ’s investments and technology to holistically track shopper behavior online and offline across products and categories to identify underlying behavior. Unlike loyalty card data, which offers analytical scale for individual retailers, this milestone on NielsenIQ’s Omnishopper roadmap will deliver unmatched, comprehensive online and offline shopper sample size revealing the granular behaviors of today’s rapidly evolving consumers. Clients who already subscribe to NielsenIQ’s Omnishopper tool will have first access to this exclusive solution.

“In order to continue to evolve and meet the needs of consumers, having a deep understanding of your shoppers’ behavior is critical to make informed business decisions,” says Natalie Williams, SVP Product Leadership, NielsenIQ. “The unprecedented scale of NielsenIQ’s Omnishopper panel will allow clients to unlock their full potential with the ability to measure, predict and activate on the most analytically rich data possible.”

About NielsenIQ

NielsenIQ is the leader in providing the most complete, unbiased view of consumer behavior, globally. Powered by a ground-breaking consumer data platform and fueled by rich analytic capabilities,

NielsenIQ enables bold, confident decision-making for the world’s leading consumer goods companies and retailers.

Using comprehensive data sets and measuring all transactions equally, NielsenIQ gives clients a forward-looking view into consumer behavior in order to optimize performance across all retail platforms. Our open philosophy on data integration enables the most influential consumer data sets on the planet. NielsenIQ delivers the complete truth.

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