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Product Insights

Powered by deep, enriched product attribution data

Reveal new pathways to growth with the most relevant characteristics tied to consumer values, lifestyles, and need states for insight into what matters most to consumers – so you can decide with confidence how to grow more, faster.

Compare your business to your niche competitors, not just the total market with

NIQ Better For Segment™

Better For Segment™ goes beyond the “Natural Channel”, highlighting the roadmap for successful expansion and narrowing your competitive set of category disruptors and differentiated products.

Why NIQ?
Why NIQ?

Unlock millions in revenue with product attribution data

Consumers are searching for specific product attributes every time they shop – from keto-friendly snacks, gluten-free beer, biodegradable shampoos to paraben-free makeup, the shopping experience is more personalized than ever. NIQ Product Insights enable you to better understand the needs of today’s discerning consumers to unlock new pathways to growth.


Our Product Insights suite of solutions provide the richest source of product attribution data, sales measurement data, and deep consumer insights to enable you to win in today’s complex market.

Example Insights
Example Insights

Shoppers are sharing what they want. Are you listening?

More than $175 billion is spent a year in the U.S. on health and wellness products, including products that meet individual dietary needs, are free from specific ingredients, follow sustainable practices or align with consumer social responsibility values.

Today’s shoppers are more purposeful, better informed, and are willing to pay more for products that meet their needs. It’s essential to have the right insights into these product attributes, changing consumer habits, and the accelerating market.

Unlock your opportunity

Your shoppers know what they want. With the right solutions, you can follow their wellness journeys and unlock millions in opportunities.

Retail data shouldn’t be overwhelming, hard to find, or a major budget eater. Product Insights is a product suite that gives you actionable data with a few clicks of a button at a price that fits your budget. That’s big data for small businesses!

Use NielsenIQ to grow quickly and sustainably

Experience the new NielsenIQ for small and scaling brands – at a low-cost, low-risk entry.

Wellness Opportunity
Wellness Opportunity

Deliver the outcomes you need to win in this growing market

Size the market opportunity

Which emerging trends are winning in your category? Who are your competitors in wellness? Take analytics-driven snapshots of your marketplace to inform better decisions.

Understand consumer intent

What are shoppers searching for? What specific attributes are most important for your brand? See why consumers are choosing to buy one brand over another and define actionable search content to optimize the shopping journey.

Maximize product discoverability

Leverage the latest technology to ensure your product attributes are comprehensive and deliver the best shopper experience with targeted merchandising. Complete an attribute audit of your brand.

Optimize innovation strategy

Make data-driven decisions to sustain successful innovation and expand product lines. By gaining insights into the evolving consumer mindset and behavior patterns, you can better invest in growth. Inform your strategic business decisions.