BASES Creative Product AI

The next generation of Product Optimisation

We have worked with start-ups and academics, to build a new way to discover and optimize product formulations

Using over 100 models and algorithms, BASES Creative Product AI enables you to discover new, novel, and highly liked products, quickly, and cost-effectively.

Applications of BASES Creative Product AI


Label ‘clean up’

Identify renovation routes

Manufacture change


Identify new creative routes for increased product performance

Find novel & highly liked formulation opportunities


Identify best performing new products

Screen flavor line extension opportunities


Identify preference between your product vs competitors

Why BASES Creative Product AI?

AI trains & learns from in-market products

More than 15,000 in-market products used to train BASES Creative Product AI, with more added each week

3,500+ sensory attributes

Incorporation of consumer liking, AI Sensory data, and consumer demographics from 37 countries

BASES Creative Product AI

The next generation approach for product optimisation

What is it?

The next revolution in product formulation development. Use to inspire, create, optimise, screen and benchmark for superiority. Key business questions answered:

  • What are the drivers of liking in my category?
  • Where should I focus on improving quality in my products?
  • Which of my new formulations and flavours perform the best?
  • How will my products perform in different countries?

How it works?

  • No limit on the number of products tested, from 2 upwards
  • 20 samples of each product to be tested, delivered to the AI Sensory Panel
  • AI panelists profile the samples among other products
  • Suite of AI models translate and interpret inputs and generates consumer liking, drivers, preference, product profiles and inspiration for optimization

Key benefits

  • Agile: Results in as little as two weeks.
  • Inexpensive: Fewer product samples, less costly than traditional approaches.
  • Deeper insights: Cross-category AI learning from across the world goes beyond the obvious, inspires R&D to head in new directions and reduces risk of product failure
  • Unique: A re-invention of how products are developed, tested and optimized

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