NielsenIQ Social 360

Tap into online consumer buzz to uncover insights that help you make better decisions.

Digital Insights is a customizable digital intelligence platform built to derive insights across multiple data sources by tapping into consumer and brand-generated buzz, and online search behavior.

  • Tap into category themes and emerging trends
  • Lead brand presence to buzz and appeal
  • Monitor channels and key influencers

Translating consumer and brand buzz into action

Consumers search, read, share, and make decisions online. Each business question requires a unique selection of data stream, tools, models, and knowledge.

By using Artificial Intelligence to eliminate the “noise” and annotate large volumes of unstructured data, we gather and make sense of relevant data to guide business action.

Key features
Key features


Category relevant spaces

A combination of human intelligence, experience and AI, analysts at NielsenIQ identify the most relevant themes. topics and keywords for analysis of consumer buzz.


Integrated by themes

Covers data from social media, search and e-commerce reviews linked by themes, and attributes. Revealing insights across the consumers journey.


Quality granular data

AI tools with human intelligence to eliminate “noise” and annotate at scale. Go beyond sample based macro trends to granular insights from the long tail data.