NielsenIQ Business Drivers

NielsenIQ Business Drivers analytical models identify which in-market causals are driving volume gains or losses.

Market level sales data is not enough

Market level sales data can identify a problem, but not the cause. In today’s competitive environment you need to be able to disentangle multiple causals to understand why your products’ performance is changing.

  • Quickly explain “why”
  • Understand the competition
  • Increase efficiencies
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Uncover the true drivers of volume

Getting to the root of what’s happening in your business is complex. Through advanced modeling powered by store-level, weekly data, NielsenIQ Business Drivers helps clients to facilitate decisions – not analyses. NielsenIQ Business Drivers is highly accurate in disentangling 40+ drivers of in-market performance.

Key features
Key features


Proprietary methodology

NielsenIQ’s proprietary methodology determines causality – not correlations – so you know which driver really impacted performance.


40+ contribution factors

Over 40 factors are considered when calculating drivers, including (but not limited to) actual sales, distribution, competitor, trends, and promotions.


Intuitive dashboard

Interactive visualizations simplify insights and enable decision-makers across the entire organization.


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NielsenIQ Opportunities

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