NielsenIQ In-Store Vision

Monitor in-store execution for a clear, actionable view of on-shelf retail performance.

Impactful actions require granular in-store data

Empower your trade marketing and sales teams to easily track the execution of retail activities, anytime, anywhere. Allow them to choose the granularity of data sets across the retail dimension to unlock actionable analytics in real time.

  • Understand what consumers see in-store
  • Real-time store insights
  • Identify actions that drive sales

Actionable insights powered by A.I. technology

Optimize your team’s ability to measure in-store activities. Our A.I.-enabled platform unlocks the synergy of image recognition, scan, and survey methods to provide complete measurement of any retail landscape—yours or your competitors. With online access to performance dashboards and advanced analytics to slice granular data sets, insights are a click away.

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Key features
Key features


State-of-the-art technology

Powerful deep-learning-based models trained on NielsenIQ’s global item library enable the latest data acquisition methods.


SKU-level granularity

NielsenIQ In-Store Vision uses the power of our unique Global Item Repository to track items across all categories, major brands, and manufacturers.


Real-time quality monitoring

Real-time supervision through online chat and geo-localization of NielsenIQ auditors, including automated alerts to keep accuracy in check.


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