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Certified B2B2C Data Management

Leverage one solution for your omnichannel product content needs today & tomorrow with The Shopper Experience Platform.


Manage content across different channels

Leverage one solution with the Shopper Experience Platform to monitor, improve and distribute certified content, to win on the digital shelf. Syndicate GDSN operational data, and marketing content within a single platform.

Ensure accurate and complete data
Bring new products to market quickly
Distribute product content to GDSN

Drive sales conversion & discoverability

Making sure product content is optimized, and is widely available, can be a challenging task to manage across different channels.
Win on efficiency with the Shopper Experience Platform by levraging one true end-to-end solution. You can monitor and improve your product content, and then distribute it to the GDSN and the biggest retailers.

Key features
Key features


Improve data quality

Leverage validations that comprehensively check for inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and errors before sending it back out to the GDSN or digital channels.


Unify and collaborate

Bring together your B2B and B2C data, and centralize all your data and content in one seamless solution improving cross-functional visibility and efficiency.


Share content everywhere

Easily distribute your data and product content to GS1 Data Pools and directly to the largest global network of retailers.


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