Press Release

2023 NIQ BASES Breakthrough Innovation Awards in Europe

Press Release

2023 NIQ BASES Breakthrough Innovation Awards in Europe

Europe – November 16, 2023 – Today, NIQ has just released its highly-anticipated BASES Breakthrough Innovation Awards for 2023 in Europe. The awards recognize successful product launches across all strategies, ranging from launches that managed to disrupt their categories and grow their brands, to targeted plays designed to delight a specific target.

This year’s Breakthrough Innovation winners have successfully navigated through a persistently precarious landscape, marked by extraordinary inflationary constraints, supply chain disruptions and the enduring impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, innovation is still a key driver of growth in most markets.

This year, Breakthrough Innovation 2023 named 11 winners among this year’s innovative brands in Europe that have transformed their categories. In addition, it also acknowledged 9 Wavemakers, products that show great potential for future success.

The recipients of this year’s European Breakthrough Innovation Awards have made remarkable strides across diverse product categories such as Drinks, Over-the-counter (OTC), and Snacks. These exceptional products managed to captivate their audiences by tapping into unmet needs within the market. The brands that successfully filled these opportunity gaps demonstrated a keen understanding of their customers and excelled in meeting their demands. Strong marketing activation across all verticals was indicative of the overall success of new products in the European market.

“At NIQ BASES, we once again have the unique opportunity to celebrate some amazing consumer product innovations in our annual Breakthrough Innovation Report. Rooted in the formula of pairing a good idea with a great product and bringing it to life with exceptional activation, this year’s winners delighted consumers, generating around $300M in revenue in their first 2 years of being on the market. As with previous years, we hope the stories behind our Breakthrough winners prove to be an inspiring learning moment on how to launch innovations while navigating challenging market conditions. And new in this year’s report is our section on Wavemakers—innovations that were launched only a few months ago but already show impressively high velocities in the market,” commented Jameel Kassamali, NIQ BASES Europe lead for Account Development.

The 2023 European Breakthrough Innovation Award Winners are: 

  • BubbleGo (France) 
  • Elvive Hydra Hyaluronic (France, Spain, Germany, UK) 
  • Kinder Duo (France) 
  • Kylie Minogue Rosé (UK) 
  • Madrí Excepcional (UK) 
  • Magnum Remix (Uk, France, Germany) 
  • Nurofen Adult Liquid Capsules (Germany) 
  • Smirnoff Mango Passionfruit Twist (UK) 
  • Walkers 45% Less Salt (UK) 
  • Yfood (Germany) 
  • ZzzQuil (Germany) 

The 2023 European Breakthrough Innovation Award Wavemakers are: 

  • Alpecin Grey Attack (Germany) 
  • Domestos Power Foam (UK) 
  • Ferrero Yogurette Ice Cream (Germany) 
  • Gillette Labs (UK) 
  • Gillette Venus Satin Care (France) 
  • Gliss Night Elixier (Germany) 
  • Kinder Chocolate Ice Cream (Italy, Germany) 
  • Lillet Berry Ready to Drink (Germany) 
  • Monster Energy (Norway) 

For over a decade, BASES has identified more than 700 products from around the globe as Breakthrough Innovations. These innovations addressed key consumer needs and delivered stand-out experiences that redefined their categories. This, in turn, has resulted in incredible outcomes.  

For more information about this year’s Breakthrough Innovations winners and to learn from their successes, please visit the Breakthrough Innovation website

About Breakthrough Innovation Report

The 2023 Breakthrough Innovation Awards has evaluated thousands of new products with the goal to acknowledge and reward those that have achieved the pinnacle of success. The brands included in this year’s winners represent a wide array of products that have excelled in their respective categories. Winners of the Breakthrough Innovation Awards are the products that delight customers, gain distribution, stay on-shelf, and drive results for their parent companies. Learn more about how BASES supports innovation and measures success on our Breakthrough Innovation website. 

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