How TOAST-IT Switched to Byzzer by NIQ and Built Better Strategies

After two twins moved to the US from Venezuela, they saw an underserved niche in the market. By bringing their brought their mother’s delicious cooking to retail they were able to fill a gap in the market. But, their data provider wasn’t doing enough to help sell the brand and message.

So, they made the jump to Byzzer. What have they seen as a result?

The business challenge

Getting a CPG product on shelf and in homes can be challenging. When the market has an unserved niche, that should make the path a little easier, right? Well, it has its own challenges you’ll need to overcome.​

What data can you use to grow?

How do you convince retailers of the open opportunity?

What avenues will offer the best chance of success?

The data solution

Everybody’s got to start somewhere – and TOAST-IT is proof that a few key data points can make a huge difference to your small business strategy.

TOAST-IT’s previous data supplier was less user-friendly and didn’t give the team the insights they needed to continue to scale and present the most compelling story to retailers.

They needed more up-to-date, store-level data to stay on top of their pricing and promotion tactics.

They also saw the benefit of investing in a platform tailored to their budget so they could continue to invest more in their continued growth and products.

“I think we paid the price of not getting this data early on. I think it’s a really good tool to have and it’s better to have it sooner rather than later, to have the information on your side to make educated decisions”​

Maria Fernanda Römer Cabezas, Co-Founder & CEO of TOAST-IT​

Still small? Don’t stress. NIQ has solutions for you (and your budget)!

As an emerging brand, every dollar counts. But, investing in data is a necessity if you’re going to grow. TOAST-IT made the leap to NIQ’s Byzzer and the results are clear.

Here’s what TOAST-IT did:


The TOAST-IT team was previously using a competitor for data, but the tool was unwieldy, costly, and not capable of providing the detail the team needed to succeed.


Now, they’re using NIQ data to get a store-level view of product sell-through to better plan their marketing, inventory, and pricing tactics.


This data has become a key piece of their retail strategy and is helping them take a granular approach to their planning for 2023 and beyond.

Data makes it easy to prove that TOAST-IT is filling a consumer need and has a path to growth ahead.

Now, Byzzer’s data is a crucial part of the conversation with potential new retail partners. TOAST-IT is able to open presentations with hard numbers from credible data sources: NielsenIQ, the industry gold standard in retail measurement. Instead of begging and borrowing for a data point here and there, now TOAST-IT can show exactly how their products perform and the open road ahead in this underserved niche.

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