The CPG data package that’s just right for emerging sandwich brand Raybern’s

“I’ve been very hungry for data and haven’t had a lot of access. Now Byzzer offers the perfect amount of data for a company our size. We need a few key data insights we can pull for ourselves regularly – not the packages that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars that deliver way more information than we could reasonably use.”

Doug Hall, Director of Marketing for Raybern’s

The business challenge

The Insights team for frozen and refrigerated sandwiches at Raybern’s comes from big CPG companies accustomed to using syndicated data sets to drive strategy. But at a small CPG manufacturer, data is scarce.

What retailer is the next opportunity?

What metrics do you need to know?

Who are your customers?

What’s going on with your competition?

The data solution

With Byzzer on board, the team no longer had to make assumptions or go without information. They were able to share insights and data-driven strategy recommendations to leadership based on what they pulled from the Byzzer platform.

Panel data (shopper reports) tells them who their consumers are.

Category trends, competitive pricing and promotional data inform monthly innovation recommendations for the execs.

Key data points demonstrating growth have won them distribution with new retailers.

With the retail data insights the team pulled from Byzzer, Raybern’s was able to earn 4 huge new points of distribution.

Raybern’s success is proof that a little retail data can take you a long way.

Raybern’s wanted distribution in a specialty retailer – one that isn’t included in Byzzer’s many markets. But that didn’t slow down their Insights Team.


The team looked at frozen and refrigerated sandwich category performance in similar retailers.


They showed the retailer how the category was performing overall, and used the “Flavor” filter to show what new attributes were trending. (Attributes their products happen to feature!)


They played to their strengths – they couldn’t compete with the category “big boys” on price, but they showed how their product helps the whole category grow by filling a white space that no other brand was addressing.

The whole company has a reason to love Byzzer.

Once the Raybern’s Insights team proved what could be done, everyone started jumping on board. Their CFO shared their monthly insights report with the full company board. The sales team pulled the top selling SKUs in each category using Byzzer’s Item Ranking Report. For the sandwich division, Byzzer’s insights are no longer just a measure of retail data – they’re the fuel to an entire pipeline of innovation and ideas.

Proof that a data-driven approach doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Raybern’s is a small brand within a small CPG manufacturer. They don’t have armies of analysts or big budgets to run massive data analytics projects. But, as a small business, they do have one big advantage: They’re scrappy, and they did not hesitate to experiment with a new tool. Raybern’s is proof that starting small with data-driven strategy can lead to big wins.

“Now we’re armed with the tools we need when we meet with retail partners or potential retail partners. We can show hard numbers to prove our performance. We can bring customer-specific data to show that their shoppers love us – or they will love us if we’re given a spot on their shelf.”

Howard Gaswirth, Demand Planning Manager for Raybern’s

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