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The rise of online is disrupting the course of the FMCG industry. With consumers becoming channel agnostic and redefining their expectations of retail, many are now mixing purchases across online and physical store channels.

For FMCG manufacturers and retailers, understanding the trends shaping the e-commerce industry is critical for survival.

Future-proof your business with our e-commerce solutions.

E-commerce success in 2023 and beyond: Leveraging growth and maximizing returns

NIQs latest report addresses the main challenges for e-commerce players and equips the FMCG industry with market insights, consumer behavior trends, omnichannel predictions, and recommendations for growth.  

The future of ecommerce around the globe.
On-demand webinar
On-demand webinar

E-Commerce Success in 2023 and Beyond

Industry leaders and NielsenIQ experts shared wide view of the e-commerce landscape across the globe, provide forward-looking vision and actionable insights based on in-depth analysis to help manufacturers and retailers strategize and succeed in this omnichannel world for 2023 and beyond. 

The age of the “now” consumer

Convenience is now more of a retail concept than a retail channel and e-commerce is increasingly catering to this growing need of consumers for quick, hassle free access to products. Propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic, online commerce continues to see a steep rise in adoption, especially in consumer groups who were infrequent users of the channel or were completely offline shoppers – becoming the “now consumers”.

To understand these “now” consumers, your brand needs reliable and accurate FMCG insights, both offline and online, to drive successful business strategies – there’s no room for blind spots!

To build for the next normal, NielsenIQ has identified three pillars for brands to win in the age of the “now consumer”.

The future of ecommerce and winning the consumer.

Webinar: 2022 Black Friday E-Commerce Results

Did you miss our webinar on Dec 6th where we shared unique e-commerce data and insights beyond Black Friday 2022 for France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK in the current economic climate? Download a Snapshot deck of the main insights we shared during the session.

5 December 2022, < 2 mins read


E-commerce: Is it tepid or hot among today’s consumers?

The pandemic accelerated e-commerce channel growth, turning more consumers on to omnishopping. NielsenIQ explores if inflation and growing cost-consciousness among consumers will continue to provide tailwind to e-commerce.

13 December 2022, 3 mins read

Maximizing e-commerce opportunities

Our data and insights allow you to make informed decisions to understand and engage with the now consumer. Our solutions can help you and your e-commerce teams to:

  • Understand how you’re performing in the marketplace, online and offline, to create actionable and performance-oriented strategies to fuel your growth
  • Optimize digital shelf performance – improve product development, differentiation, assortment and availability
  • Drive effective marketing, promotion, and distribution strategy across your e-commerce stores
  • Predict future trends to build forward looking strategies
  • Explore new cross border opportunities
  • Navigate e-commerce metrics like keyword search, shopping cart analysis, etc.
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