Identify which levers will drive strong growth with NielsenIQ Analytics Solutions

Every brand hits a growth stage where top-level data simply can’t help move the needle. You need to look at precise, granular data to get better understand your products impact on revenue and craft more accurate demand forecasts to grow your brand.

NielsenIQ Analytics Solutions

Analytics can make the difference between stagnation and category dominance

Analytics provides an inside look at consumer behavior, assessing in real-time and predicting for the future. With our forward-thinking and strategic Analytics Solutions, you can analyze where you’ve been and, with the right strategies in place, predict where you’ll go next. 

Here’s a quick guide on our two offerings and how they help:

Innovation Incrementality

Are your innovative products truly driving growth, or are they cannibalizing existing business?

Assessing incremental sales data is relatively straightforward, but do you understand how innovation contributes to your portfolio?  

NielsenIQ Innovation Incrementality follows a specific model that classifies, groups, and runs incrementality on business initiatives. This proven process enables you to uncover key innovation trends and evaluate innovations’ impact on sales. With this information, you can better identify the innovations with the highest impact on your portfolio and adapt your innovation strategy accordingly.  

Demand Forecasting

Do you have a truly accurate view of future demand, or are you using fuzzy data sources?

Too often, businesses make assumptions, rather than data-driven forecasts. Unlike our competitors, NielsenIQ leverages years of expertise to provide objective, effective forecasting.  

With NielsenIQ Demand Forecasting Analytics, you can be sure you’re accurately analyzing the past, so you know where to invest today for the best future return. Our process breaks down what is driving growth and assesses the impact of everything from inflation to distribution, even simulating “what if” scenarios, so you can prepare for the unexpected.   

Want to Learn More about NielsenIQ Analytics Solutions?

Data this granular can be confusing. To help, we’ve put together a short presentation to help you better understand what exactly our Analytics Solutions are and how these two products can help you grow revenue and market share without wasting excess time or money.

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