Separately, we set the standard.
Together, we raise the bar.

NielsenIQ and GfK together offer the Full View™
of consumer buying behavior.

“We are incredibly excited as we combine the strengths of these two great companies to create the future of consumer intelligence,”

“Together, we are powered by more—more global reach, more omnichannel coverage, more granular data, more consumer-sourced insights, and more predictive analytics add up to more actionable insights and growth for our customers. Most importantly, we are bringing together innovative industry experts and complementary cultures driven by integrity and the relentless pursuit of gold-standard quality.” 

Jim Peck, CEO

We are proud to announce that the combination of NIQ and GfK is now complete, creating the world’s preeminent consumer intelligence company.

We’re thrilled to come together as one company, but we’re most excited about what the Full View™ can do for the industries we serve around the world. NielsenIQ and GfK together offer the world’s most complete and clear view of consumer behavior.  

Our combination is powered by more…

  • More consumers, channels, categories and geographies 
  • More omnichannel coverage 
  • More actionable insights  
  • More innovative technology platforms   
  • More predictive analytics  
  • More expertise and thought leadership 
  • More opportunities for growth  
  • More opportunities to understand what people want


NIQ+GfK is the largest consumer intelligence provider in the world, with unrivaled global omnichannel coverage.

Total Store Measurement 

Bringing together FMCG and technology and durables measurement is a powerful combination.


First-movers in cloud-based, generative AI-driven technology platforms.

Relentless focus on clients

Unified by a shared dedication to driving growth.

Gold standard

Predictive analytics and global measurement backed by authoritative data science.

The best

A diverse team with nearly 200 years of combined expertise and one purpose—show the world what people want.

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Thought leadership
Thought leadership


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