Foxintelligence by NielsenIQ

A unique data platform—leveraging A.I. and best-in-class tools to create the most comprehensive e-commerce data in Europe—delivering insights to help brands act on e-commerce consumer trends.


Leap ahead of e-commerce disruption

Accelerated by COVID-19 market dynamics, e-commerce has become a top priority sales channel. Manufacturers and retailers need to better understand this very fragmented ecosystem with multiple business models and competing start-ups—both by itself and in the context of brick-and-mortar retail.

Know your online market share in the digital ecosystem
Gain new understanding of online consumer behavior
Leverage new data for your digital strategies and in-market activation

NielsenIQ acquires Foxintelligence, rises to the omnichannel measurement challenge

NielsenIQ, the industry leader in global measurement and data analytics, announced the acquisition of Foxintelligence, provider of the largest and most innovative e-commerce panel in Western Europe.


Understanding the digital consumer through data

Leveraging the most innovative consumer panel in the world for online retail and digital business

Best transactional data on e-commerce, built by gathering and anonymizing millions of e-receipts from consumers

With data from Foxintelligence by NielsenIQ you can:

  • Base your decision on the largest, most innovative GDPR compliant e-commerce panel in Europe—more than 600,000 active users already and rapidly growing!
  • Use transactional e-commerce data together with your NielsenIQ retail measurement data to get a complete omnichannel view of your business and customers.
  • Understand your consumers: find out who they are, what their journeys and consumption habits are, and find out what they are buying from your competitors.
Key features
Key features


Insights from billions of electronic receipts analyzed

Every day, the electronic receipts of the panel members are anonymized and analyzed in real time to deliver concrete and actionable insights for you.


See the performance of your competitors

Get intelligible data on the market shares of all e-commerce players, category by category, region by region.


Know your e-commerce consumer

Find out who your e-commerce consumers really are, what their backgrounds and consumption habits are, and understand what they buy from your competitors.


“We use Foxintelligence by NIQ to accelerate our digital transformation. We now have an all-in-one tool to read the market. We have the ability to act and react in near-real-time.”

Lionel Devidal, Digital & E-commerce Director, Sephora 
Lionel Devidal

“Foxintelligence by NIQ enables us to build 3-year forecasts and strategic plans.”

Séverine Geoffroy, Digital Executive Commercial Director, Carrefour
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