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Diagnose your product performance and 
optimize for consumer success

Assess the impact of cost-driven reformulations to protect what matters most to your consumers

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Questions you might have

  • Can a cost-driven reformulation
    be implemented without
    compromising acceptability?​
  • Are there multiple reformulation options
    should I face supply chain constraints?​
  • Which of my development samples has
    the potential to succeed with consumers?​
  • How are my product formulations
    performing vs competitor(s)?​
  • How do I optimize my product acceptability?​
  • Is there a threat from my competitor’s
    new product formulation?

Choosing the right tool is critical

BASES Product Optimization Suite

Formulation Screening

Testing new formulations, with or without benchmarks

Cost Improvement

Testing cost/ingredient constrained formulations with consumers

Sensory Optimization

Using Sensory data identify formulation opportunities for new and existing products

Superiority Testing

Identifying in-market performance between your product and that of a competitor


Measure performance of your new formulation against your existing

Product + Pack Fit

Examining the performance of the pack and the product together

Is your product optimized for success?

BASES Product Optimization can assess the impact of reformulations to protect what matters most to your customers

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