Create superior brand communication, packaging, and product experiences by directly measuring consumer response from the brain.

Powerful neuroscience insights to elevate your brand

BASES has been partnering with the world’s leading brands to optimize brand communication, packaging, and product experiences for the last 10+ years. Our approach (formerly offered under Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience) uses real neuroscience and our measures are valid, reliable, and linked to in-market outcomes.

What we measure

How engaging and salient is the content or experience?

We help you understand the impact of the marketing asset in the brain by directly measuring emotional motivation, memory, and attention brain systems. These measures are reported overall, relative to a database, and where relevant, on a second-by-second basis to pinpoint strengths and opportunity areas.

Does it strategically cue my brand and key equities?

Our patented approach measures nonconscious associations to key messages and brands. Without asking questions, we reveal how well your content distinctively activates your brand, and how strongly it’s tapping into communication goals.

More signs = more sales?
Think again – when less may be more

In-store and front-of-store signage represent a crucial point of consumer contact – but sometimes less is more.
Leveraging EEG and eye-tracking methods, we helped a major retailer move beyond trial-and-error to data-driven decisions about future displays.

The ninth edition of the Neuromarketing Yearbook is a comprehensive publication filled with the latest research studies, expert insights, and case studies from top neuromarketing professionals across the globe

BASES Neuro Solutions

Available in North America and Europe, with more on the way


Video Communication

Animatics, rough cuts, finished copy

Second-by-second brain response pinpoints exactly which moments are resonating and which moments could be optimized.


Package Design


How do shoppers engage with and non-consciously react to our new designs on shelf? Are the new designs able to make our brand more top of mind at shelf? How do shoppers explore our new design? Which elements are most and least impactful?


Physical Pack

Shape, texture

How do consumers respond to the experience of holding and interacting with the product? Does the shape, weight, or other elements of the package itself resonate with consumers?


Product Experiences

Which aspects of the product and sensory experience are most neurologically impactful? How does the neurological experience of using our products compare to the competition?


Ad Strategy & Brand Positioning

How do consumers respond to ad strategy or brand positioning/manifesto ideas? Which articulations are most and least impactful in communicating the idea?


Circular, POS, and Key Visuals

Which execution best captures attention and engages shoppers? What key elements are driving performance? What could be improved?


Website/ Product Pages

How do consumers explore my website or product page? Which elements are most and least engaging? How can I optimize the site or product page communication?


Brand Essence/ Brand Cues

What is your brand’s implicit identity to set the direction for messaging and positioning? Which cues are truly owned and can feature prominently in advertising & design?

Person innovating their products

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