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Why BASES Durables and Tech?

Durables & tech experts

Focus on the durables and tech industry​

Thought leadership and innovation

New business model

Predictive & actionable insights

Focus on business solutions​

Actionable insights, not data​

Partners, not provider

Specific targeting

Consumer-centric expertise​

Understand, target, influence, trend, predict

Global & local expertise

Local teams and local experts​

Global capabilities and infrastructure​

Agile services and platforms


Brand Management

Leverage existing brands to reach my audience

  • Innovation Architect 
  • Neuro – Brand Identity
  • Segmentation


Create the best possible product, reach the right people with it

  • Quick Screen
  • Quick Predict / SnapShot
  • Benchmarker
  • Optimizer
  • Product Design 
  • Product Experience
  • Design Services (Audit, Navigator, Pack 360)​


Optimize price & offering, advertise accordingly, maximize revenue

  • e-BASES
  • Price Advisor
  • Line and Price Optimizer
  • Neuro – Ad Testing
  • Ecosystem Forecasting
  • Renovator
  • IP Database
Person innovating their products

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