BASES Category Shopping Fundamentals: Alcoholic Beverages

Understanding the shopping journey for beer, wine, spirits, and pre-mixed drinks

Shoppers today have more choices than ever before when buying alcoholic beverages.

They are exposed extensively to traditional and digital media, new products and a growing array of places to buy what they want – be it a craft beer, a premium whiskey or hard seltzer. 


increase in spending on Alcohol Beverages during Covid time period1

Are you engaging shoppers in relevant ways?


of purchases involve some level of planning2

Are you connecting with shoppers in a timely way?


of purchases are made with a specific brand in mind2

Are your products
and brands being considered?

1 Nielsen Homescan Panel 26 weeks ending 08/08/2020 and 26 weeks ending 08/10/2019
2 Nielsen Category Shopping Fundamentals BevAl 2020

The BASES 2022 BevAl Category Shopping Fundamentals seeks to understand the alcoholic purchasers in the United States

The path to purchase for beer, wine, spirits, and pre-mixed drinks.

Considerations that influence choices along the shopper journey for in-store, online, and on-premise purchases.

Key differences in the purchase journey by age, gender, affluence, race, and location.

What can I expect to include?
What can I expect to include?


Benchmarks across beer, wine, spirits, and pre-mixed drinks for the key stages that include:

Planning: What is the context for the trip?
Pre-POS: What levers do you have pre-POS?
At POS: What influences their final selection?
Post-POS: What are the consumption behaviors?

Delivery via an online dashboard allowing you the ability

to explore different cuts of data based on your needs.​


Areas of research and key questions answered in this study include:

Category Planning Are category purchases pre-planned or is the decision made in-store? Are in-store decisions true impulse or reminded purchases?

Impact on Trip Types How central is the category to shopping trips? On which trip types is the category most often purchased?

Purchase Influencers How important are pre-store and in-store influencers? What touchpoints present opportunities to connect for marketers?

Online Barriers & Intent  What are the barriers to online shopping? What is the future online purchase intent?

Consumption Occasion What consumption occasions are most common for your brand, category?

What’s new?
What’s new?

Pre-Mixed Drinks category

Now includes RTD Cocktails, Hard Seltzers, and FMB

PowerBI interactive dashboard

Larger base size

With 2x the 2020 report

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