eBook: Holiday Season Sales Trends for Emerging CPG Brands


eBook: Holiday Season Sales Trends for Emerging CPG Brands

As an emerging brand, holiday sales often make up a very large portion of your overall revenue. But, each year is different, so it’s hard to identify the CPG seasonal sales trends to focus on.

Our team at NielsenIQ has taken a look at some of the seasonal sales trends we’ve seen over the past couple of years. We’ve also factored in the current state of affairs to give you better insight into the upcoming holiday season and beyond.

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To better understand the present and prepare for the future, you need to evaluate the past. No two holiday seasons are the same, but with the current state of the supply chain, recession, and consumer confidence, these differences are even bigger.

That’s why we’ve put together this simple guide for emerging brands to understand what last year’s holiday sales showed us and what we’re seeing from early sales this year.

In this eBook will look at:

  • 2021 CPG sales trends and if they’ll return
  • Early holiday shopping data and what it means
  • The outlook for this season’s consumer behavior

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