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Dose of wellness: CBD in beauty & health


Dose of wellness: CBD in beauty & health

CBD’s thorny homecoming a few years ago is now a distant pastby now, you’ve probably been offered to add it to your morning coffee or heard your co-worker rave about its soothing effects on their anxious dog. Widespread acceptance has led to an increase in sales since its introduction, with sales up $4.9M in the past two years. CBD use continues to grow due to increased availability and consumer acceptance. 

Greener pastures 

Social media has been a key driver of CBD education: Consumers and businesses alike have campaigned to debunk some of the comparisons to hemp’s cousin THC.

CBD is legal in all states after the 2018 Farm Bill removed CBD from the Controlled Substances Act, but laws still differ state-by-state. States differ on the percentage of THC acceptable, CBD potency, form (flower, oil, edibles, etc.), and even the marketing terms used.​

The chill pill revamp 

CBD’s ubiquity led to new products like topical creams, facial skin care and gummies, though vitamins & supplements own 55% of the total category.

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