Video: How Bolero got its ‘big break’ with national buyers


Video: How Bolero got its ‘big break’ with national buyers

In the latest installment of NielsenIQ’s Founders series, learn from Mexican brand Bolero on their 17-year journey from identifying a gap, to developing a brand that is now available nation-wide.

Getting a foot in the (distribution) door

NielsenIQ’s Founders Series shares stories from entrepreneurs who launched successful CPG brands and the lessons we can learn from their journeys. In this video, NielsenIQ’s Claudio Czarnobai talks with Gilberto Rodriguez, founding partner of Bolero Mexico.   

The parent company, which has been around for 20 years, is a product importer. Gilberto and his partners found an opportunity in the shoeshining category for a unique product with a double-faced sponge.  

Gilberto recalls that the most challenging conversations have been with retailers when they were the “new brand in town.” He reveals the different ways they incentivized buyers to take on their product with the help of market information that clearly conveyed their value. 

Their big break was when they got a chance to showcase their best products to Walmart.  

Now access to key information paves the way to understanding their category, their consumer, and the best path toward sustaining growth.  

Watch this latest episode and follow Bolero’s journey from the “new guys on the block” to being a nationally distributed brand.

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