Digital Exposed Podcast: Episode 1, Season Two


Digital Exposed Podcast: Episode 1, Season Two

Has the cost of living killed the focus on sustainability?

In this first episode of a brand new season of Digital Exposed we ask the question ‘Has the Cost of living killed the focus on sustainability?’

2023 and beyond are set to be pivotal years ahead for sustainable action. The concerns raised by scientists just a couple of years ago are now a reality and we have all been challenged to play our part in living more sustainably. But with the cost of living crisis continuing to squeeze shoppers’ pockets and utility and business costs significantly increasing, is it financially possible for sustainability to continue to be a priority for both shoppers and brands?

Digital Exposed is joined by a special panel of guests. Nicole Corbett who is the VP of Global Thought Leadership at NIQ, James Peach who is the FMCG Regulatory Specialist at NIQ Brandbank and Alice Rackley, the CEO of Polytag.

Our expert panel share their collective experience thoughts and perspectives on global sustainability and how the cost of living landscape is being impacted. We provide important insights into what really matters to shoppers and key actions the global FMCG industry can take to help strategise and succeed over the cost of living versus sustainability battle.

Learn more about the rich media content and product performance solutions discussed in this episode.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Is sustainability still a priority for shoppers and brands with the cost-of-living crisis squeezing shoppers’ pockets?
  • What matters to shoppers and the key drivers behind their choices
  • How to maximize sales conversion within shopping constraints
  • Unlock the full potential of your growth opportunities as a brand or retailer
  • Prepare for what lies ahead for the sustainability and cost of living battle

James Peach
FMCG Regulatory Specialist
NIQ Brandbank

James has been with NIQ Brandbank for 8 years. He holds a Masters degree in UK & EU Food Law, specialising in the application of food information law in the digital sector. Within his broad portfolio of responsibilities, James also stays close to other areas of policy & regulation impacting the FMCG sector, including matters going to sustainability and packaging. With a background working in Criminal Enforcement, James brings an experienced worldview to his role at NIQ Brandbank and is always available to assist customers to navigate the best path to achieving compliance.

Alice Rackley

Polytag enables brands to create serialised QR codes, for each barcode in their range, in order to communicate directly to consumers with fully customisable landing pages. The Polytag solution also enables brands to collect information about packaging lifecycles and deliver tools to optimise and incentivise recycling.

Her belief that sustainability is ‘the next big thing’ that will drive disruption in consumer business has been the catalyst for Polytag’s success. Under Alice’s leadership, it has achieved significant traction and demonstrated product market fit, partnering with household names Ocado, the Co-op, and Aldi to transform packaging from a cost centre to a value driver, and make step-change progress towards more recycling.

Nicole Corbett
Global Thought Leadership Vice President

A passionate people leader focused on driving new opportunities from understanding the evolving consumer landscape in the face of disruptive change. A seasoned data-driven storyteller leveraging assets from a variety of data sources to unlock changes in consumer behaviour around the globe.

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