Webinar: E-commerce success in 2023 and beyond


Webinar: E-commerce success in 2023 and beyond

This year, the FMCG industry is facing deep transformations around the world. Global geopolitical events, inflationary pressures, and changes in consumer behavior have affected the development prospects of many businesses. As a result, companies need to develop new strategies to navigate the new needs, priorities, and preferences of the changing consumer landscape.  

E-commerce success in 2023

E-commerce has emerged as an indispensable retail channel, fueling retail growth and fulfilling the concept of agility to remain competitive in the marketplace. It is now a critical engine for business growth and is expected to grow in importance for years to come.

NielsenIQ experts and industry leaders from Coca-Cola Icecek (CCI) and share perspectives on today’s e-commerce landscape, forward-looking vision on learnings and growth opportunities from across the globe as well as actionable insights to help you strategize and succeed in this omnichannel world for 2023 and beyond.

Watch our webinar and learn how to: 

  • Maximize performance by understanding your business in the context of the total omni-marketplace 
  • Identify key ingredients to unlocking the full potential of your growth opportunities by leveraging data and insights to drive your e-commerce and retail strategy 
  • Prepare for what lies ahead for FMCG e-commerce and how to future-proof your businesses for tomorrow 

Watch the webinar below and click here to access the presentation deck!


  • Brandy Niu, Vice President, JD Group, China  
  • Cansu Sever, E-commerce Director, Coca-Cola Icecek (CCI) 
  • Vaughan Ryan, Managing Director, E-commerce, APAC, NielsenIQ  
  • Didem Sekerel Erdogan, Managing Director, Turkey and Analytics Leader AME, NielsenIQ  
  • Roberto van Taunay, Commercial Leader, E-commerce, WE, NielsenIQ  
  • Cindy Yang, Vice President, E-commerce, China, NielsenIQ 
  • Prafull Babar, Director, E-commerce, India, NielsenIQ  

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