Pumpkin pie or apple? Consumers share their Thanksgiving “this or that”


Pumpkin pie or apple? Consumers share their Thanksgiving “this or that”

New NielsenIQ research provides insights into consumer choices around food, fashion, and more at Thanksgiving this year.

What’s on the table this Thanksgiving?

chart showing how consumers plan to celebrate thanksgiving this year

Breaking down the results

Let’s start with the big one

Pumpkin pie takes center stage on the dessert menu: 57% of consumers prefer it over apple pie (43%).

At-home dining is a clear winner this Thanksgiving

Most consumers surveyed (89%) indicated plans to make a home-cooked dinner for the holiday, and just 11% indicated plans to eat out at a restaurant.

Store-bought sides get sidelined

83% of consumers chose homemade side dishes rather than store-bought. One notable exception is cranberry sauce: slightly more consumers (51%) chose canned cranberry sauce over fresh cranberry sauce (49%).

Aligning with the increasing popularity of plant-based diets, a growing number of families (17%) will have a plant-based main dish. The rest (83%) are opting for an animal protein-based main dish.

The majority of consumers (67%) will have a traditional turkey at dinner, but other notable main dish choices include:

• Ham (15%)
• Chicken (10%)
• Beef (5%)
• Pork (3%)

Comfort is king

Families will be in loungewear this year. Only one in four survey respondents (24%) intend to dress up for Thanksgiving, while 76% plan to wear comfortable clothes such as sweatpants.

Back to normal

In another sign of life returning to a pre-pandemic normal, 79% of respondents indicated this year they will hold mask-free gatherings as well.

Dry gatherings

In line with both consumer cost-cutting strategies and a greater emphasis on health, 45% of households plan to have alcohol-free gatherings.

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