The emotional connection your consumer wants 


The emotional connection your consumer wants 

Consumers are looking for a product that can build an emotional connection, give them a sense of pride, and pique their interest.

“ The customer experience is the next competitive battleground. “ — Jerry Gregoire, former Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Dell Computer Corporation. 

As it happens, over 80% of respondents of NielsenIQ’s global study, the 2022 Brand Balancing Act, agree.  

In an exploration of what makes consumers buy, and more specifically buy smaller brands, motivations to purchase were grouped into three categories: functional, emotional, and brand resonance.  

And while functional on a global and market level was the universal number one motivator, a quick dive into the emotional category can be the reason your product is chosen. 

To explore this emotional connection further, find your market in the map below to discover the emotional motivators for your consumers’ purchases. 

A few almost-universal truths to consider 

An overview of shared sentiments around the world reveals that there are three key emotions a small or medium-sized brand should aim for:  


The result of a memorable experience is an instant impression of how the product made the consumer feel; in other words, a bond that lasts. A consumer “missing” a product points to the fact that an emotional connection between a brand/product and the consumer is to be sought after by the manufacturer.   


To some, this sense of pride comes from a brand that makes a difference in their community, so in turn, their purchase also makes a difference. For others, choosing a brand that is more familiar than others means they are ready to show it off or talk about their experience—an opportunity to maximize on word-of-mouth type of marketing. 


56% of global respondents said that they like knowing the story behind brands, their origins, and their reason for being. Some markets, as showcased on the map, are looking for an “interesting” story to motivate them. Interestingly, 51% of global respondents indicated that they find smaller brands to be more “authentic.” Transparency and sharing your brand’s story can be the reason both the connection and sense of pride are instilled in your consumer.  

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