Plant Based Expo 2023

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September 7 – 8 | Javits Center | New York, NY

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NIQ Experts & Speaking Sessions

Meet our industry experts to get some valuable insights and spirited discussions

Jim Presley

SVP + General Manager | Global Wellness

Speaking Session: Plant-Based on a Pedestal – How to Drive Sales of New Plant-Based Food Products

Friday, September 8th, 12:45 PM – 1:15 PM
Jim Presely, SVP + General Manager | Global Wellness

The plant-based market has a strong future, but only for brands that understand shifting shopper perspectives and trends. Join NIQ’s Jim Presley, SVP of Total Wellness, to learn more about the opportunities in the alternative protein market; how assortment in alternative protein continues to shift to meet consumer demand; opportunities with price, promotion, and consumer awareness for alternative proteins; and where plant-based alternatives fall in overall retail strategies around health and sustainability

Thomas Konior

Director – SMB Acquisition

With over 11 years of experience in business development and sales, I am a passionate and results-oriented leader who drives growth and innovation at NielsenIQ, the global leader in measurement and data analytics. As the Director of SMB Acquisition, I manage a team of account executives and business development managers who are responsible for acquiring and retaining small and medium-sized businesses across various industries and markets. I leverage my skills in Microsoft Excel, account management, and sales management to analyze data, optimize processes, and deliver value to our clients and partners. I also have a strong domain expertise in retail and consumer intelligence, which enables me to provide insights and solutions that help our clients achieve success in their competitive and dynamic environments. My core competencies include strategic planning, relationship building, problem solving, and communication. I am motivated by NielsenIQ’s mission to deliver the complete truth to businesses through our comprehensive data sets and powerful insights. I am also committed to fostering a culture of collaboration, diversity, and excellence within my team and organization.

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