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Navigating the New Normal: Understanding the Financial and Wellness Landscape of Low-Income and SNAP Consumers

Date: Wednesday, December 13 
Time: 1 PM ET / 10 AM PT 


Since the pandemic, the cost of living for Americans has soared, leaving our most vulnerable consumers in a far worse financial situation. Consumers are faced with changing government policies that can quickly impact their wallets – like the reduction in SNAP benefits and repayment of Student Loans. On the other hand, consumers are increasingly placing a premium on product choices, with a heightened focus on ingredient lists, nutritional values, and sourcing information, even amidst lingering inflationary times.

What you will learn in this session

Listen to NIQ’s Health and Wellness industry experts as they unpack: 

  • How the reduction in Emergency Allotment Benefits has impacted purchasing behavior
  • The challenges faced by SNAP recipients in everyday life
  • The effects of SNAP benefit reduction on wellness shopping trends and their reward towards brands that provide (more) product information
  • And how consumers balance financial constraints through different tactics.
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