Webinar – Retailer
e-commerce strategies to win the product content game

Webinar description

The global pandemic has driven more shoppers online than ever before. Retailers are fighting to win the attention of hundreds of millions of shoppers searching for products that meet specific health, diet, allergy, or lifestyle needs. The opportunity to win market share in this environment depends on the depth and quality of digital product content on e-commerce websites.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the most complete set of product attribution available in the CPG industry to create the best digital shopping experiences
  • How the perfect product page is structured to increase conversion
  • How proper product attribution grasps the attention of health and wellness shoppers
  • How to drive product discovery through organic and faceted search
  • How to empower shoppers with the expected product information, high quality imagery and robust attribution the product
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