Retail measurement process

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How NielsenIQ establishes a retail universe

This video explores the steps involved in establishing a retail universe.

How NielsenIQ designs a representative sample of your retail market

This video covers how a representative sample is designed, challenges associated with sample design and how they are addressed in order to provide quality data.

How NielsenIQ collects data

This video explains how data is collected, exploring the two primary data collection methods.

How NielsenIQ provides you with a comprehensive view of your retail market

This video explores how data is expanded to the universe, in order to reflect a more comprehensive view of your retail market before it’s provided to you.

Combine RMS & CPS for a total market view

Watch this video to learn how Nielsen’s RMS & CPS datasets work together to create a total market view.

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Job aid: Calculations used in the RMS process

View this article for more information about the RMS process: Retail measurement