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NielsenIQ Brandbank and Label Insight reveal new retailer solution 

Newscenter Article

NielsenIQ Brandbank and Label Insight reveal new retailer solution 

NielsenIQ Brandbank and Label Insight are excited to announce a product enrichment and personalization solution to help retailers drive product discovery, shopper engagement, and conversions.

Online shoppers increased 27% during the pandemic and 95% of sales are expected to be online by 2040. How do you plan to build online shopper loyalty? Are shoppers discovering your products through their searches? Are your product pages answering shoppers’ questions on their path to purchase?

As brands and retailers look to build trust and loyalty with today’s shoppers, they are looking for an easier way to unlock deeper insights into their product set. Organizations must be ready to meet the demands of today’s shoppers with a solution that drives discovery and empowers and engages shoppers.

Introducing NielsenIQ Brandbank and Label Insight’s joint solution that delivers the most complete set of product attribution available in the consumer goods industry via one feed.

Effective immediately, retailers can leverage NielsenIQ’s Product Enrichment and Personalization solution to receive extended attributes, product imagery, rich media, logistical information, and health and wellness claims to drive discovery, engagement, and create the best digital shopping experiences.

The solution combines the unified product content from NielsenIQ Brandbank with high order attribute data from Label Insight. This solution powers the path to purchase from discovery to conversion while ensuring the highest levels of data quality, accuracy, and coverage.

Retailers can benefit from being able to deliver more personalized shopping experiences by easily receiving content. This content is provided via a customizable feed that includes product images, marketing copy, weights and dimensions, and derived health and wellness claims that’s mapped to the retailers schema across all channels.

Further, retailers benefit from the best time to market with custom API integration that powers all content and attribution needs across all business functions, covering 99% of shopper search terms with the highest levels of quality, accuracy, and coverage.

Delivering rich digital shopping experiences is no longer a nice-to-have for today’s conscious shoppers as they demand complete and accurate product content on the path to purchases. The combined NielsenIQ Brandbank content and Label Insight attribute sets gives retailers the most complete set of attributes, and most engaging product content, in the U.S. market.

NielsenIQ Brandbank and Label Insight will be hosting a webinar “Win the Product Content Game: Drive Discovery, Shopper Engagement and Conversion With Digital Product Content” on Wednesday, May 11 at 10 am CT. Learn how to drive discovery and transform your product pages by leveraging trusted, consistent, and quality extended attributes and visual content through one single feed.